Saturday, September 18, 2021

Nkosi rolls out empowerment programme for women

Aspiring Gweru Urban MP, Nkosi Ndlovu has unveiled an empowerment programme which is aimed at capacitating women through a series of skills transfer workshops.
A total of 50 women from Gweru Urban Ward 2 were part of the two-day workshop on homemade manufacturing of dishwashing liquid soaps and pine gel last weekend.
The women also underwent some training of the trainers so that they are be able to pass on the skills to other women.
Ndlovu says this was about capacity development in communities to ensure sustainable livelihoods for women.
“This workshop is basically about remodelling systems in Gweru Urban to ensure that diverse skills are given to our mothers and sisters. With such skills, the community develops systems of providing a ready market for quality homemade products. This is actual transformation through systemic community networks,” Ndlovu said.
It costs US$17 to produce 20 litres of dish washing liquid soap which is then sold for US$45, generating US$28 as profit.
Nkosi said other programmes in different fields will also be launched in the constituency.politics

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