Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Overstaying heaps of gravel in Mucheke a potential road hazard

Princess Masiiwa

Residents in Mucheke have expressed worry over heaps of soil that are prevalent at roadsides in the location which they feel are a potential hazard to both motorists and pedestrians.
Masvingo City Council deposited the gravel meant to rehabilitate the suburb’s roads which are in a dilapidated state.
Residents who spoke to TellZim News accused the local authority of negligence over failure to service the roads on time, something that has led to congestion, forcing motorists to encroach into pedestrian pathways thereby risking the safety of ordinary residents.
Norman Mataga a resident in Mucheke said the heaps of gravel are causing congestion on the roads delaying their arrival at workplaces.
“Nowadays we are arriving late at work places due to the congestion caused by the heaps of gravel on the roadsides. We are not moving freely,” said Mataga.
Jane Nyathi also a resident in Mucheke said council should have planned before starting their project because it is now almost two weeks and no action has been taken to repair the roads.
“Masvingo City Council should have planned first before starting their project because they are taking longer than expected which is disturbing us from travelling freely to and from work,” said Nyathi.
She also said the heaps of sand are posing a threat to residents as a little girl was hit by a car on the heaps of sand at Mucheke, but luckily she was not badly injured.
“A little girl was hit by a car near these heaps of soil at Mucheke as she was coming back from school,” added Nyathi.
Another resident Baster Nyika who usually drive to and from work in Mucheke said accidents are likely to occur as motorists stampede for give ways as a result of rushing during peak hours.
“Accidents are going to be high because of the congestion on the road as motorists end up failing to give way to each other during peak hours. If local authorities to address this problem as soon as possible before it starts raining the sand will be washed away causing siltation of water sources,” said Nyika.
Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke said council acknowledges the inconvenience the heaps of sand are causing to the public and they are waiting for equipment from a company called Tensa.
“Yes, I am aware of that and it is with regret that it is causing inconvenience to residents but we are waiting for equipment from Tensa. As soon as the machinery arrives we will start the project,” said Maboke.
Roads in most of Masvingo’s suburbs are in dire state with the rain season just at onset raising concerns as to the plight of motorists in case the gravel is washed away by the rains.

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