Thursday, November 30, 2023

Quota system saves women representation in Mwenezi

Perpetua Murungweni

The woman’s local authority quota system that was introduced this year came to the rescue of women in terms of representation in Mwenezi District after only men won in the district’s 18 wards through ballot.
The election proved that a lot has to be done to ensure gender balance is improved in local authorities and parliament as two women who were on the ballot on August 23 election lost dismally to their male counterparts.
Philisiwe Moyo and Tirivaviri Manyorowedze were the only female candidates who contested for Mwenezi RDC, and both were on Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) tickets and lost with bigger margins showing how greater the gender inequality gap is in politics.
The quota system went on to usher in five women narrowly bridging the gap of gender inequality at Mwenezi RDC chambers.
The quota system has however increased the number of seats that are available for women but it has failed to enhance the quality participation of women in competitive politics as fewer women are seen competing in competitive politics.
Member of Parliament (MP) for Mwenezi West Priscilla Moyo said she is grateful for the quota system because it is important for Mwenezi women to be represented and said she will play a role in aiding the women to represent fellow women in the district
“It is very important for Mwenezi women to be represented in the council. As the Member of Parliament I am going to help these women councilors to fully represent women in our district,”said Moyo
She went on to say though they were few, they were still councilors equal to their male counterparts and were supposed to play an equal role.
“They should also know that they are councilors just like their male counterparts and they need to play an equal role. I am also going to ensure that these councilors get the proper training so that they are able to fully execute their duties,” said Moyo.
Moyo’s counterpart and Mwenezi North MP Shiella Chikomo said she was going to work with the women councilors towards women representation through spearheading projects that benefits women.
“Women representation is one of the areas that is important considering that Mwenezi is an under developed area. One of our mandates is to show the difference between electing a man and a woman. We are going to make sure that our representation for women is not only on paper but it is also a lived reality where we get to see us live within the projects that benefits women.
“It is high time we initiate and spearhead projects that benefit women such as providing a medical center for screening breast and cervical cancer and other feminine related diseases,” said Chikomo
One female resident of Mwenezi Selina Mandebvu said she is happy that women’s quota came to their rescue by giving women a chance to represent them in the council.
“We are happy that the government has managed to promote women representation in Mwenezi through the quota system. We are hopeful that these women are going to work towards women empowerment through various projects like baking, poultry, farming and sewing. We are happy and hopeful that these women are going to implement policies that reduce domestic violence in our community,” said Mandebvu.
The province has only two female MPs, Moyo and Chikomo who won through ballot and also the quota system came to the rescue of women.

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