Thursday, September 16, 2021

Residents set benchmarks for Chiredzi Town Council

…emphasise declarations of assets, war on corruption as conditions for cooperation
Chirra chairperson, Jonathan Muusha

Beatific Gumbwanda

The Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association (Chirra) has tabled a list of proposals to Chiredzi Town Council which it says need to be implemented if mutual understanding between residents and authorities is to be created.
The proposals were presented last week at a stakeholders meeting held at council offices with the resident organisation saying the previous elected council leadership, which was dominated by Zanu PF, had largely acted with impunity.
They said that impunity had dealt a mortal blow to accountability thereby fomented an acrimonious relationship of distrust between residents and the council.
New town chairperson, Gibson Hwende called the stakeholder meeting to deliberate possible strategies for the attainment of municipal status within the next five years.
Chirra chairperson, Jonathan Muusha used the platform to present the proposals which he said needed to be urgently met if the endeavour for municipal status is to bear fruit.
Those included the formation of a company to run Chigarapasi beer garden, broader budget consultations, an end to corruption, improvement of service delivery and transparency in land sales.
The proposals also centred on improvement of water system and infrastructure, how to encourage residents to pay up what they owe to council, declaration of personal assets by councillors and council management, notices of full council meetings and making sound resolutions for the benefit of residents.
“Council should form a private company to oversee the operations of Chigarapasi which was leased to Five Muchehiwa last year. With the $3000 in rentals being paid monthly, it would be possible to run the company efficiently.
“On budget consultations, we urge you to consult all residents in wards and all other key stakeholders. After doing your costing, you should then come back for more consultations as this will help to build mutual trust between council and the public.
“Management and councillors should declare assets like what ministers and Members of Parliament are now required to do so as to avoid possible disputes with stakeholders.
“We are also kindly request council to set standards on buildings to be constructed on the new town site. We want buildings that are modern not growth point (substandard) structures we have always had,” Muusha said.

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