Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Row over Mushaya headmanship

Farai Munerei

Brighton Chiseva

ZAKA – The replacement of
headman Mushaya has sparked serious infighting within the Munereyi family as
father and son are fighting for legitimacy.

 There are three families entitled to the
Mushaya headmanship namely Munerei, Tavengwa and Chavurura and the outgoing
headman Jona Mugarajira from the Tavengwa family has been acting for over two years
as stipulated by the local government after the death of his father.

On rotational
basis, the headmanship is now going to the Munereyi family where father and son
are said to be at each other’s throat over who should take over.

On a meeting
held in June this year, the family had selected Farai Munerei as the candidate
after a poll which saw him garnering 34 votes out of 38 votes.

However, another
family member Wilson Nhongo who is an uncle to Farai is said to have connived
with the Machoga/Tavengwa house to denounce Munereyi’s selection arguing that
he was the eldest possible member to lead in the family.

Nhongo is alleged
to have gone to the acting chief Bota, Kamurai Zezai, and bribed him with a
herd of cattle so that he will rule in his favour.

Chief Bota
confirmed that there was an issue regarding the selection of headman Mushaya
but denied involvement and receiving anything saying those claiming that he was
bribed were only trying to soil his name.

“There are
squabbles in the selection of headman Mushaya. 
I have since told the family involved that they should deliberate
peacefully and select a candidate whom they will present to me as their chief
then I will present the candidate to the District Development Coordinator (DDC)
formerly known as District Administrator (DA).

“Those saying I
was bribed are lying. I am yet to hear from,” said Zezai

Other sources
told TellZim News that Chief Bota was given an undisclosed number of cattle and
the cattle had been sending to him through Mudzara area to deceive the locals.

 “On the first meeting held in June, the Mushaya
King Maker (Zigadzi) approved Munerei’s candidature after the poll but rumour
says they went and bribed Chief Bota with cattle and now they are starting over
again,” said the source.

Another meeting
has since been held at Mushaya School without the Munereyi family which sought
to reverse the June meeting.

When contacted
for comment Nhongo said he was the father and the throne was rightfully his
saying his elder brother’s sons cannot rule while he is still there or without
his blessing.

“I am the father
and no son can take the throne while I am still there. I even have my elder
brother who was supposed to take it but he has some previous issues so the
button then comes to me. If I want to give it to my sons then it’s up to me to
decide,” said Nhongo.

In many areas
chiefs are no longer selected in terms of age but mainly on political alignments
as well as the level of education as chiefs are now involved in many
development projects within their jurisdictions.





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