Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Sese community, Murowa diamond mine feud rages on

Staff reporter

CHIVI – The feud between Sese Community and Murowa Diamond Mining Company over the latter’s occupation of Danhamombe School premises continues to rage on with the former engaging in a flash demo over the weekend.

Community members of Sese Community Trust had a flash demonstration at Sese Business Centre and Danhamombe school turnoff where they held placards demanding the mining company moves out of the school area as well as stopping the mining activities which they said were not benefitting the community.

Murowa Diamond Mining Company started exploration in 2018 and since then they have camped in the school yard, a development which the community is saying affects the learning of their children.

They are also saying the company vehicles are degrading the area and the football pitch is no longer usable as vehicles pass through the pitch.

They also accuse the company of occupying the area earmarked for the school expansion and they have cannot develop to the area they are currently occupying.

The community Trust Chairperson Musiiwa Musiiwa said plans to construct hostels for a boarding facility at the school cannot go on as the company is camped in the school yard.

“We want to make this school a boarding and the area they are camped is where we want to start constructing girls’ hostels, “said Musiiwa.

The demonstrators held placards written that the mine was failing to engage the local community but bribing a few traditional leaders.

The mine is also accused of causing siltation in local weirs while male workers are reportedly engaging in illicit affairs with young girls and married women.

Sese community also accuse the mine of not doing any social responsibility as they are not financing developmental projects beneficial to the community.

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