Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Stray lion killed in Triangle after a week of terror


Sergeant Mavhuni with the dead lion

Blessed Mandaza

Tongaat Hulett Zimbabwe (THZ) recently hired a professional hunter to help its
Game Rangers track a marauding stray lion which was first spotted on January 15, 2020.

spoor was tracked from Section 8 right into Triangle’s business centre before
being shot at sugarcane Plot 1801 of Section 26.

and villagers in Triangle had been living in fear of the king of the jungle
since January 15, with others speculating that it was a ruse by the sugar
company which was meant to scare people from unnecessary movements in light of
the spread of coronavirus.

to a memo dated January 15, 2020, THZ game rangers spotted a lion spoor which they
tracked from Section 8 all the way to Duly’s Shopping Centre.

spoor disappeared into the hill adjacent to BancABC and the recently opened
Gain Supermarket.

and all members of the community are strongly advised to keep away from the hill
and avoid unnecessary outdoor movement on foot within the Triangle Area until the
animal has been accounted for,” read the memo

then, THZ Game Rangers led by one Sergeant Mavhuni have been tracking the lion
which had already killed four cows from the community.

failure to track the predator due to incessant rains, the company hired a
professional hunter who took less than 24 hours to track and contain the
predator at around 1900hours in a cane field.

to source, the hunter had no intention to kill the lion but feared could lose
track of it because of continuous rains.

lion was killed at around 1900hours at plot number 1801 of section 26. They
feared to lose track of it due to rains so they decided to kill it before it could
take any human life,” said a source.

year, THZ game rangers, in partnership with Malilangwe Conservancy Trust
scouts, managed to drive back a male lion which had broken lose from the
conservancy into Hippo Valley Estates.

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