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Summerton farmer gets 26 tonnes on 4 ha

TellZim Reporter

21 April 2017, Farmers in the perennially dry Summerton area have praised the AgriSeeds ZAP 61 maize seed which they planted at the onset of the rainy season for its adaptability to local climatic conditions and soil types leading to high yields.
Farmers gathered at Clarence Maunganidze’s homestead in Summerton a field day which saw farmers showcasing their high yields.
Using the hybrid seed variety, Maunganidze managed to produce 26 tonnes of maize on a four-hectare piece of land.
“We have been getting poor yields over the years because of poor farming methods but now we have been taught to plant on a small piece of land and minimise on output.
I planted 20 kg of ZAP 61 and managed to harvest 26 tonnes which has never happened in Summerton. This season, the whole community has very good yields like never before,” said Maunganidze.
The field day was attended by Chief Zimuto, headman Gilbert Gwekwe, AgriSeeds officials and Agritex officials.agriculture

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