Monday, September 20, 2021

Tell Zimbabwe livestreams Triangle public dialogue

…. ‘Land Reform on
sugarcane plantations benefitted outsiders’

society becomes increasingly digital, Tell Zimbabwe has devised an appropriate
response by livestreaming some of its activities in order to cater for a
greater audience.
At Rufaro Hall in Ward
18, Triangle, a public dialogue was attended by 150 people and was beamed live
on Facebook, with the link being shared on other social media platforms namely
Twitter and WhatsApp.
The event saw
participants engaging with their ward councillor Gilbert Mutubuki who was
elected in last year’s harmonised elections on promises of fighting for better
service delivery.
Some of the issues that
came out of the discussions included lack of support for informal traders,
shortage of residential stands, sugar company Tongaat Hulett’s employees
reaching the age of retirement without anything to show for it, the Land Reform
Program benefitting mostly outsiders at the expense of locals and the dire
living conditions in compounds housing employees of small-holder sugarcane
farmers who benefitted from the Land Reform Program.
Residents who spoke at
the event said they appreciated the efforts of Tell Zimbabwe and other
community based organisations in getting their voices and concerns across to
solution holders.
Others said it was
critical to continue with livestreamed dialogues of that nature so that all
leaders – whether elected or appointed – could publicly be held to account and
as a way of confirming that they indeed represent the public interest.
Tell Zimabwe programs
manager Passmore Kuzipa said the organisation will work harder to improve
contact between the public and office holder.
“I am pleased that our
programing work is being received with greater enthusiasm than we had ever
expected. We pledge to work harder to bring leaders back to the people whose
interests they purport to represent. Livestreaming is one such way of doing
that, and the footage is stored as an archive which will be useful for future
references,” said Kuzipa.

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