Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thieving Mwenezi ‘war vet’ goes on the run, comes back

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – A 36-year-old alleged conman facing charges of defrauding a 67-year-old prospective home owner was recently issued with a warrant of arrest by the Mwenezi Magistrates’ Court after he skipped court.
Champion Dziva of Rutenga growth point had been on bail after pleading not guilty to the charge of defrauding Selina Chovelele of US$1070.
He was scheduled to reappear before magistrate Honest Musiiwa on April 11 for judgement but failed to show up leading to the issuing of the warrant of arrest.
He however came back on his own accord and was sentenced to five days in prison or alternatively to pay US$20 fine. The matter was then moved to May 02 for continuation of trial.
It is the State case that sometime in 2013, Chovelele sent her daughter Tambudzai Muzewe to purchase a stand at the growth point.
Muzewe met Dziva who convinced her that for her mother to acquire a stand and have a house plan processed, she needed to pay US$1070.
Upon being given the money, Dziva went to the Mwenezi War Veterans Housing Cooperative (MWVHC) secretary general, Clemence Muboyi and paid a total of US$800. A receipt was issued in Dziva’s name instead of that of the complainant.
Sometime in 2016, after discovering that the receipt was issued in Dziva’s name, a suspicious Chovelele went to council offices where she was told that her name did not appear on the list of MWVHC’s prospective stands owners.
It was at this juncture that the complainant realised that Dziva was not a member of MWVHC. Following the intervention of the police, Dziva promised to pay back the money but only managed to refund US$200 before disappearing.
A police report was made leading to Dziva’s arrest.
Willard Chasi appeared for the State.crime

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