Thursday, September 16, 2021

Tiringindi returns from UK, sets new course for MRT

Human rights defender and Masvingo Residents Trust
(MRT) coodinator Prosper Tiringindi, who has been in North England since
September last year on a fellowship programme, has returned home vowing to
transform his organisation using ideas he learnt while away.
Tiringindi joined other rights defenders from across
the African continent in a relationship building programme in Yorkshire City at
York University’s Centre for Applied Human Rights.
While in the United Kingdom (UK), Tiringindi was
afforded a chance to visit the UK parliament where he says he got to experience
mature debates.
“It was a great experience and an eye-opener. It was a
learning experience and my hope is that I will be able to apply what I learnt
in the UK here at home for the benefit of our people.
“I observed that our politics is so toxic that it
affects every aspect of our lives. While attending debates in the UK
parliament, I realised that they put their country first above politics. This
is what we lack here in most African countries.
“We put politics first before national development. If
an honourable member makes a very sober and lucid argument but belongs to the
other side, the contribution is crushed. This is how low our politics is and it
is my hope that one day things will change,” said Tiringindi.
Tiringindi said he has learnt new ideas which he will
use to transform MRT and make it tackle issues to do with access to education
for the girl child and the disabled in Masvingo.
“MRT will go beyond pushing for service delivery in
the city but will go to rural local authorities in Bikita, Gutu, Zaka and
“We will also be tackling issues to do with access to
education for the girl child as well as the disabled people in the four
districts.  We will be taking issues from
the community to the relevant authorities,” said Tiringindi.

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