Thursday, September 16, 2021

Transform Zimbabwe challenges Zanu PF in Masvingo South

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Renco Mine – Over the festive holidays, Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) Masvingo South leaders toured the constituency for a massive mobilisation and recruitment exercise which they said will see the ruling Zanu PF party getting a run for its money in the upcoming general election.
The TZ team was led by Justin Makota who aspires to represent the party as its parliamentary candidate in the election and the party’s district chairperson Devias Muchoko.
They toured wards 30, 26, 24, 23 and 35 with a meeting being held with party supporters in Ward 30 at Renco Mine Turn Off.
The team proceeded to Ward 26 at Chiwawa Shops where a group of youth members were waiting. Headman Danda attended the meeting and encouraged young, God-fearing people to stand up and occupy positions of influence. 
The youth in Ward 26 raised a pertinent issue of the distance to the polling station saying they walk about 8 km since they live at the boundary of the ward.
In Ward 24 at Guwa shopping centre, the TZ team interacted with parents and youth who complained about the cashless festive season which is blamed on governance failure by the Zanu PF led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
At Mavizhu shopping centre in Ward 23, the TZ soccer team was eagerly waiting for their promised soccer kit which was then delivered.
The party donated balls to the Ward 23 TZ youth through party youth chairperson Ernest Pikire Matewe.
The other set of soccer kit was donated to Ward 35 which happens to be in Renco Mine. Several issues that range from unemployment and underdevelopment were raised by the people of Renco and elsewhere in the constituency. 
The party also held a youth soccer tournament and ladies meeting on the same day and place. The tournament was made up of three main teams Chikuza, Number 9 and Nyikavanhu.
After the tournament, TZ representatives took time to have a youth talk with the players whom they encouraged to register to vote and improve themselves educationally.politics

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