Monday, September 20, 2021

Tsvangirai too desperate for power

Mukati coalition inobuda iyeyi? I doubt. Can someone answer me please – is this coalition going to yield anything? I mean the people who want to coalesce with Tsvangirai to fight Zanu PF are they of any value? The likes of Didymus Mutasa and his ZimPF? Kkkkkkk Mwari ndibatsirei shuwa. Ndati ndingobvunzawo hangu.
Mutasa has a lot of skeletons in his cupboard and people who dislike him are probably more than people who like him in the country. The old man stands accused of murdering MDC-T supporters in 2008 and the victims’ families are still bitter. As I’m speaking I am trying to think what could be in the minds of Christpower’s family about both Mutasa and Tsvangirai. Mutasa is heavly implicated for allegedly having a hand in the death of Christpower and his father who were murdered for supporting MDC-T.
Now MDC-T yavakafira iye is now joining hands with Mutasa and company in the name of a coalition. While we encourage people to forgive each other and unite, the wounds are still to fresh to talk of reconciliation.  After all this is not reconciliation but desperation for power which is exhibited by Tsvangirai and the MDC-T.
Mapombi is also trying to think what could Jestina Mukoko feeling right now about this coalition considering that she is engaged in a court battle with Mutasa demanding compensation for the unjust abduction and gross violation of her rights by state security which Mutasa was the responsible minister then. Zvimwe muchiti munotamba vakomana! Mototi coalition pakadai?
That’s the reason sometimes, though very rare, Mapombi likes Zanu PF – the Cdes are principled. I mean very principled. Vanoziva kuti maJudha nemaSamaria havadyidzane chero zvodii kwete zvana Tsvangirai zvechinzara nzara zvovoita izvi.
Mapombi knows very well that coalition is critical at this moment in time – but we should also be rational and consider the feelings of the victims of violence whom we were with in the struggle. Manje tikakanganwa nekuti tava kuda power haa-aah tinozviruza. There are far much better political parties to coalesce with, vana Biti, Welshman, Simba Makoni, Elton Mangoma, Jacob Ngarivhume, Noah, Egypty and even Joice Mujuru. These political parties are more acceptable even in the MDC-T circles than vana Cde Mutasa ava. Anyway, desperate situation calls for desperate measures. Kana Zanu PF yazohwina zvayo don’t cry foul.
You are rigging yourself by including perpetrators of political violence in coalition talks. Kkkkkkk but MDC-T so – these people are really desperate to get power. Mapombi heard some of its senior officials saying we need vana Mutasa kuti vagozotiudza kuti how they were rigging elections hahahahaha baba vangu iwe. Do you think they will tell you? It’s now over two years since they were kicked out of Zanu PF and why didn’t they say it out? Ngwarai mhani makaita seiko imi?
Anyway, let us wait and see how it goes but kana mazodyiwa neZanu PF musanyepera rigging. By the way, I also have a word for Joice Runaidha Mujuru – don’t develop a big sister mentality my sister. You are not bigger than anyone else except for Dr Amai maybe. Learn to accept facts as they are – that is, Tsvangirai has more support than your National People’s Party.  Izvo zvenyu zvekuti it’s not given that Tsvangirai will lead coalition zvava zvekupenga izvo. Kana musingade you are free to go and re-unite with ana Mutasa and leave Tsvangirai alone muone kuti haavhoterwe here.
Runaidha my sister, listen and listen very carefully – you have better appeal kuvanhu than vana Mutasa so better take advantage of that and push for coalition as well as confirming that Tsvangirai will lead. That way you will endear yourself with the people not zvemadzana mbwanana zvomoita izvi. Leave Tsvangirai alone please. Or else we will begin to think you are a Zanu PF project manje.
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. I cannot eat rotten bananas today I have a running stomach. Ko Dr Amai variseiko mazuva ano? Varova! Mpaombi is very sure she is planning something after that attack on Queen Bee kuBuhera pavanodzoka we are likely to hear more fireworks.
And the visiting President is still around; hopefully he will stay for a while. Kkkkkk zvabva zvandifungidza Charles Manyuchi kkkkkk asi vanhu so. Hanzi akangonzi kana ukangorova muchinda uyu President Mugabe vako hatichadazve kuvaona vachiuya kuno kuSingapore kkkkkk. Ko ndiye aizodiiwo akabva angorohwa chamatsenganzungu ndokuti pasi gunduru. Anyway, Mapombi salutes you my brother Manyu, weather what people say is true or not, whether the match was gambled or not, still I salute you. You are my hero! Mboko imboko!mapombi

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