Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Unfair food distribution: MDC-T declares war

Memory Rasa/Upenyu Chaota
Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T) has declared war over unfair food distribution in the drought-stricken districts of Masvingo province, saying they will fight to ensure that Zanu-PF stops partisan distribution of the food aid.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Addressing party supporters in marathon rallies at Dewure (Gutu) and Mashava, Tsvangirai said they will not allow partisan distribution of food amid reports that only Zanu-PF supporters were benefiting from the food aid programmes in all the seven districts of Masvingo.
“We are not going to allow that this time around. We say no to partisan distribution of food. All people should have equal access to the food aid. You should not allow Zanu-PF people to sideline you anymore – you should fight back and get the food as well. It’s now time for national action,” said Tsvangirai at Mashava.
National Youth Chairperson, Happymore ‘Bvondo’ Chidziva, has declared war against anyone who denies the MDC and other opposition supporters equal chances to benefit from donations and food distribution this year.
Speaking at a rally held at Dewure Township in Gutu last week Chidziva urged the youth to stir up violence and make sure that the distribution process fails if opposition supporters are denied equal chance to anything in the communities.
“We are declaring war once again against those who say MDC supporters should not be given government inputs simply because they do not support Zanu-PF. The youth should make sure that in such an event no one gets those inputs. You should act as soldiers and all youths should be risk-takers in the protection of their communities. You should be like David against Goliath, especially this year when there is drought.  No headman or village head should deny villagers access to government inputs. We should use force if there is need,” said Bvondo.
The National Chairlady of the Women Assembly and former Chimanimani West Member of Parliament, Linnet Kore Karenyi, supported Bvondo saying it is the youth’s responsibility to see that everything is distributed fairly and everyone is treated like a Zimbabwean citizen.
“We know of those village heads who cancel names and threaten people by not giving them government inputs saying that they support the MDC.  Food and politics are two different things, why linking them?  As the youth you should make sure that no one says those words and gets away with it.  Mothers should urge their children to register and to vote and to report any unfair practices that take place in your communities to chairpersons,” said Karenyi.
The National Youth Chairperson ended his speech by singing ‘Youth yose urimusoja’ a song urging and encouraging the youths to be risk takers and behave like solders in times of unfair practices.  

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