Saturday, September 18, 2021

VP Sexmore-hadi must resign

It has
been long since we last heard from Covid-19. Nhai Covivi, Covildo ukasha hwako
hwakatopera here. You had embarked on a long walk to freedom and you were
striking the right chords, knocking on the right doors and sending shivers down
the spines of the lootocracy. Zimbabweans were patiently waiting but
unfortunately the wait has come to an end because China Virus vaccine is here.
Yes, they created the virus and are now donating the vaccine to others so that
they can see its efficacy. I hear many Zimbabweans expressing concerns over the
China vaccine saying heee ko kana tikachekereswa what what but let me tell you
something, the vaccine is not being forced on anyone okay. If you want the
vaccine just go and get jabbed, the rest we will deal with it later.

course Mapombi will not be receiving the Chinese jab because my immune system
is ok plus eating maputi and rotten bananas has saved me from a lot of diseases
including Covid-19 iyoyi. I cannot afford hand sanitizers or soap to wash my
hands but Jehovah is my shepherd and I shall not want. Mwari haangambondipi
nhamo mbiri bodo. I hear some people saying that the vaccine is safe because
they saw VP Chiwenga getting jabbed, the first Zimbabwean to be administered
with the Chinese jab. Ini saMapombi I only saw Chiwenga getting injected but I
am not sure what was in that syringe. Do you guys honestly believe that
Chiwenga akabaiwa iyo vaccine yakabva kuChina? That was just a kiss the baby
moment meant to hoodwink gullible Zimbos. China vaccine nekusava safe kwayo
kuya yotopihwa a whole VP pasina akana kumboitwa any efficacy tests kkkkk.

I want
you dear readers to get me right on this one, I am not saying people should not
get vaccinated against Covid-19 but we should be sure of the vaccine we are
giving to our people. How can we just trust the Chinese and administer their
donated virus ahhh sorry vaccine to our people without carrying out the
efficacy tests. Remember this vaccine being donated by the Chinese is not the
vaccine of choice in China. The Chinese are using inonzi Sinovac yet isu vari
kutipa Sinopharm isingadiwi kwavo. Is everyone following me here? Now, why
would Zimbabwe risk Chiwenga into taking the vaccine which is second guessed
from its country? I smell a rat here but again a beggar is not entitled to a
choice. Chiwenga akatobaiwa imwewo vaccine isiri yamuri kupihwa iyi. We need to
see evidence that the jab administered to Chiwenga on that day in indeed the
one donated from China. If they have so much confidence in the donated jab then
we expect to see President Mnangagwa, his wife and his children taking the jab
followed by cabinet ministers, Zanu PF MPs, the judges, all Zanu PF supporters
then isu vana Mapombi kana tagutsikana tozopindawo pamamonya ipapo. Rest in
Peace Soul Jah Love.

I do
not understand why they declared this man a liberation hero but that is a
discussion for another day. What outstanding thing did Soul Jah Love do zvekuti
anopihwa hero status yakanyimwa Tsvangirai? Saka vana Van Choga atori mahero
kana vafa kkkkk. A precedence has been set here and it is going to be very
difficult to deny some of this hero status. Ini Mapombi kana ndafa
munotondikandawo pachikomo ipapo because mukarega ndinomuka chipoko. I think I
also deserve a mausoleum kkkkk. Iyo yakazodii mausoleum yaMugabe iya. That old
man was something else. Akatambisa varume vakuru nhova even in death. I have
nothing against Soul Jah Love but I think the man was hyped so much in death
than when he was alive. That being the case, I think Zanu PF benefitted largely
with Soul Jah Love’s death chiefly because he was the ghetto champion. The
youth vote was being targeted hence the reason why we have a liberation hero in
Soul Jah Love. Zanu PF knows perfectly well that they have failed the youth and
what better way to endear themselves to the disgruntled population ahead of
2023 than getting intimate with the youth ambassador’s dead body.

someone tell me what role VP Sexmore-hadi is playing in this government? While
we are grieving over the loss of liberation hero Chibababa and national hero
Griffith Mpofu, VP Sexmore-hadi vari busy kutsotsonya, kusvasvanga, kukondovota
vakadzi wevanhu muoffice yehurumende. What is wrong with this man? At 71 years
here akomana kkkk. VP Sexmore-hadi atova mucheki mukuru
and all ladies are not safe. That is gross abuse of office and the silence from
the government says a lot. I heard musoro bhangu Nick Mangwana trying to defend
the actions but he was embarrassing himself in the process. There are some
actions which cannot be defended. How do you justify a whole VP sleeping with a
married woman in the office? Ko ukangonyarara zvinodii nhai iwe Mangwana.
Kutungamirwa nemabachura kunonetsa, our women are not safe at all.

has to be done because vakadzi vanopera with this pervert. VP Sexmore-hadi
havana base zvekuti vakutoshandisa office yehurumende kkkkk. I know our beloved
VP havana mukadzi kumba but why would he want to go after married women? There
are plenty of single women out there who would give anything to be with the VP
though utano huchiratidza hahwo kuti hwakatarangana. Discretion is very
important when playing this game. I hear the three boys running this country
are all bachelors. Ehe ED is included ipapo kkkk. Auxillia makambomuona
achigara pasi here. She is always travelling around the country running away
from her husband. Nekufamba kwaanoita kuya munoti ED anobikirwa nani? The only
difference here is that ED and Chiwenga are more discreet and vanoita madeals
awo from hidden corners. I think most man are found wanting on this issue but
what separates them is the ability to do so discreetly.

Sexmore-hadi has failed in this regard and has brought shame upon the office of
the Vice Presidency. The only thing left to do here is resign. Why continue to
stay in office after such transgressions? President Mnangagwa must demand VP
Sexmore-hadi’s resignation otherwise we will view him as an accessory to this
treachery. Women should be respected and not abused. Using the office to get
your way and destroy other people’s marriage’s is the worst sin ever. We know
that resigning is not the way we do things here in Africa but sometimes we just
have to say it so that they know that we see what they are doing. VP
Sexmore-hadi please tsvagai base musiyane nekuabuser our office unongomisa
mazigirazi. I have said enough regai ndinokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch.
Mboko imboko.

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