Thursday, October 21, 2021
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War Vets vow to embarrass Mugabe

War Vets vow to embarrass Mugabe
TellZim Reporter
TellZim Reporter
 Liberation war veterans in Masvingo are plotting to embarrass President Robert Mugabe at his birthday celebrations slated for this weekend at Great Zimbabwe monuments, TellZim News has been informed.
President Robert Mugabe
War Veterans who spoke to this publication said they were not happy with last week’s skirmishes which saw their counterparts in Harare being beaten up and tear-gassed by the police. Speaking to TellZim News at Chiefs’ Hall on Thursday last week, angry war veterans who were forced to abort the Harare trip said Mugabe was taking them for a ride.
“You see, we wanted to go and meet our patron President Mugabe but we were forced to cancel the trip. We are very angry today (Thursday) and we demand an explanation from Mugabe. Everything seems like drama to us…we can’t believe what is happening in this country, something has completely gone wrong,” said an irked war veteran.
The war veterans were, however, immediately driven away by anti-riot police.
Meanwhile, TellZim News has been reliably informed that war veterans in Masvingo are planning to confront President Mugabe at the weekend bash where they are expected to come in large numbers so that they wave placards with their concerns.
“They are planning to embarrass the President. They will have placards with the message that he should stop abusing war veterans forthwith. If they manage, they will come in large numbers so that they demonstrate in Masvingo town on Saturday 27 February,” said a source privy to the on-goings.
Self-styled war veteran Black Jesus born Francis Zimuto who has been on record attacking the First Lady Grace Mugabe chose to be diplomatic saying he was not prepared to continue talking about last week’s skirmishes but he was quick to hint that had it not been President Mugabe’s emergency address, the country was going to be in war by now.
Black Jesus said he saw signs of war since January and he was getting worried by the day since the tension within Zanu-PF continued to mount.
“I saw signs of was in this country . . . what happened in 1947 was repeating again in 2016. In fact, whenever you see drought, you must be very careful, emotions will be very high and it is easy to start a war. We were very close to a war situation, thank God it did not happen . . . when war veterans get angry, they can do anything,” said Black Jesus.
However, Black Jesus said he was content with what Mugabe said.
“President Mugabe said we should shut up and we have to follow the directive,” he added.
Turning to the birthday bash, Black Jesus said it is difficult to rule out chaos.
“I cannot say there will be no chaos. People might fight over food or they can come and steal food or other things, we cannot rule out chaos . . . it will obviously happen but I take it as normal,” said Black Jesus.
Another war veteran, Western Ezra, said emotions were running high among the war veterans community. “I cannot comment, I am at a funeral but I can only tell you that people were highly pained by what happened last week and emotions were running high among us until President Mugabe addressed us.
“If you see the whole President apologising, then you must know that things were terribly bad . . . mind you that was the first time for President Mugabe to say sorry since 1980,” said Ezra.
Masvingo war veterans chairperson Tendeukai Chinooneka neither denied nor accepted that they were planning something against the President but instead referred all questions to his boss Victor Matemadanda, who could not be reached for a comment by the time of going to print. “I don’t speak to the press. If you want to know anything about war veterans you talk to Matemadanda,” said Chinooneka.
But sources insisted war veterans were not happy and busy plotting to get President Mugabe’s attention when he comes to Masvingo.
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