Saturday, September 18, 2021

‘Well done Mugabe’

President Robert Mugabe

Upenyu Chaota

President Robert Mugabe has been hailed for taking a tough stance against ‘greedy’ and lazy Zanu PF bigwigs who have been jostling to grab Tongaat Huletts sugarcane farms and told them in their face to back off.
Addressing thousands of party supporters at the Youths Interface rally at Mucheke Stadium last Friday, Mugabe boldly told party heavy weights are planning to invade Tongaat Huletts sugarcane farms in Triangle and Hippo Valley Estates to stop forthwith, urging them to find virgin land and start their own sugar plantations.
As if that was not enough, Mugabe also slammed Zanu PF youths for wanting free residential stands saying they should work hard and buy for themselves.
“Tongaat tinoida ndeyedu ngatisatorai minda yakarimwa asi masango,” said Mugabe.
Political analysts hailed Mugabe for taking a tough stance to protect Tongaat Huletts from greedy party members.
“The problem with Mugabe is that he often indicate left when he is turning right. What he said however, I want to say well done because he protects Tongaat which is employing nearly 20 000 workers from being invaded,” said one analyst.
Mugabe also endorsement Ezra Chadzamira as the legitimate chairman for Masvingo province.
“Masvingo now has a chairman. He is the one who was chosen. Ndiye wototevera uye kuteerera nekuti ndiye ava mukuru. Hatidi kunzwa kuti kwava nekugunun’una zvekare. Tigosvika kupiko.
“Masvingo ndiyo Zimbabwe. This is where the name of the country was derived from. Masvingo is very key in Zimbabwe politics,” said news

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