Saturday, September 18, 2021

Zanu PF Masvingo wants Zivhu fired

                                                          Killer Zivhu
South MP accused of undermining ED, working with opposition


The Zanu PF Masvingo
provincial disciplinary committee has recommended the expulsion of Chivi South
Member of Parliament (MP) Killer Zivhu from the party on many charges stemming
from his alleged social media abuse.
The decision was
announced at a provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meeting held yesterday,
August 23, at Victoria Primary School, and at which Zivhu was conspicuous by
his absence.
Speaking at the event,
chairperson of the disciplinary committee, Ailes Baloyi said Zivhu had contemptuously
ignored many chances availed him to explain himself.
“On 28 July, we
received a complaint from the provincial executive committee regarding Killer
Zivhu’s misconduct on social media. We then called him to a hearing which was
supposed to sit at 10am but we waited in vain until 12:50 before calling him.
He then told us he was not coming.
“He then wrote a letter
accusing me of pursuing a personal vendetta against him but we still went ahead
and analysed some of his tweets and WhatsApp chats and we concluded that besides
undermining the President, his conduct on social media smacked of a person
working with the opposition from behind our backs. As we all know, the President
is already in touch with the opposition and he has created his own way of
dialoguing with them, but Zivhu thinks he knows better and he implies that the
President has failed to find solutions for the problems we face as a country,”
said Baloyi.
He also said attempts
by many party members to reason with Zivhu in a party WhatsApp group called Masvingo
PCC Info Desk yielded nothing as Zivhu took an increasingly belligerent stance.
Charges preferred
against Zivhu stem from his recent tweets, one of which called on people who ‘wanted
a better Zimbabwe’ and felt that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance
leader Nelson Chamisa ought to be persuaded to sit down and talk to send him text
He also went on to post
that if Chamisa and Mnangagwa could immediately not find one another, their
wives should meet and dialogue first.
When contacted for
comment, Zivhu said he was not worried and will patiently wait for events to
“I am not worried, time
will tell. I wrote them a letter of demands before the day of the hearing so
that I could prepare my defence but they did not reply. I also asked my case to
be referred to the national disciplinary committee but they went ahead and made
a decision. No hard feeling at all from me; those who are rejecting me aren’t
those who voted for me,” said Zivhu.
He also went ahead to
accuse TellZim News of being biased against him, saying the words that the
newspaper used to ‘describe me’ seem ‘your paper is now sponsored by my enemies’.

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