Saturday, September 25, 2021
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21 people under coronavirus self-quarantine in Masvingo

Some 21 people in
Masvingo province have been advised to practice self-quarantine over the next
few weeks after they recently came home back after travelling to countries
associated with the deadly COVID-19 virus.
Masvingo Provincial
Medical Director (PMD) Dr Amadeus Shamu confirmed that local health authorities
had advised the travellers to quarantine themselves.
He, however, said
people should be well-informed on the difference between self-quarantining and
effective monitoring by health authorities.
“There should be no
panic at all as there is no suspected case of coronavirus. These are just
travellers who came back into the country from countries that are associated
with the virus. What happens is that when somebody arrives from such countries and
they exhibit no symptoms of the virus, we advise them to minimise their
movements and mixing with other people in case they carry something not yet
clinically detectable,” said Shamu.
He said the 21 people
were in the different districts of the province, and were not in hospital or
any medical facility.
“They are not in
hospital but are at their own places. These are just precautionary measure
being taken by authorities to keep the people safe,” Shamu said.
He also told TellZim
News that four of the 21 people under self-quarantine arrived from China, where
the virus was first detected on December 31, 2019, while others had just
arrived from such countries as India that share borders with China.
By the time of writing,
latest official statistics from China showed that a total of 2004 people had
died of the virus, most of them on mainland China, while 74 185 cases had been
confirmed worldwide.
Many countries,
however, distrust official Chinese data on the virus as the communist
government there is not transparent on controversial topics or issues deemed

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