Sunday, October 17, 2021
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38 get free eye treatment in Chirumhanzi

By ItaiMuzondo

St Theresa Clinic in the Midlands province was the nation’s host of

this year’s World Eye Day Celebrations amongst the two centres which

hosted the celebrations across the nation.

Speaking at the event, the Member of Parliament for Chirumhanzu

Constituency, Pedzisai Mnanzvi expressed the 10th of October as an

important day for the nation as whole and further highlighted his wish

that the programme be far reaching to other provinces.

“This is an important day for the nation as a whole as we wish this

programme grows to reach all provinces so that eye sight problems


“I thereby give those home a challenge to bring the young and elderly

to the nearest hospital upon events like this so that they get free


Mnanzvi further added that such programmes must be fully supported as

they are for the betterment of the nation.

“These are good programmes, they help our parents so that they receive

health care without payment. It is different from a situation that our

parents become blind.

The sponsors must also not target one hospital as medical health is

key to everyone.

Representing the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Lilian Muchena

advised the locals that healthcare problems should be in most cases be

dealt with at tender ages.

“Measles must be treated and vaccinated as it may lead to blindness

and currently our statistics note that 1.4 mil children have

irreversible blindness. Also be very cautious about your diet as

Vitamin A helps much in countering eye sight problems”, said Muchena.

The celebrations saw the clinic giving eye operations to 38 locals and

were still encouraging more to come for treatment. World eye day is

annually celebrated on the 10th of October every year.

This year’s celebrations went under the theme, Universal Eye Health:

No More Avoidable Blindness.Local

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