Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Borehole projects for Bikita East Constituency

Rutendo Chirume

Bikita Rural District Council (RDC) is planning to embark on a borehole-drilling project that will bring much needed solutions to water problems through provision of portable water in Bikita East constituency.
The projects to be carried out will benefit villagers in wards 24, 25 and 26.
Speaking to TellZim News, Bikita RDC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Chibi said the project is already in motion as they are to fly tenders for prospective companies on November 5 in the national papers.
“We are targeting 24 Bush pumps and six solar-powered boreholes especially in the areas where there is no water. We are identifying needy areas throughout the wards and the issue is the most affected wards are the ones set to benefit first,” said Chibi.
Villagers in wards 24, 25 and 26 mainly have been facing water challenges prompting them to resort sharing same sources of water with animals exposing them to risks of water-borne diseases like Cholera and Typhoid.
Liliosa Bhunye from Chikumbo village under Chief Nerumedzo said though they heard about the story through grapevine, it will go a long way in addressing the water woes communities had, coupled with the burden of travelling long distances in search of the precious liquid.
“There are no sources of portable water here in Nerumedzo. The protected wells where we used to fetch water usually dry up around August and we end up using water from the dam for drinking and cooking because it will be the only source of water available during the dry season.
“The borehole is far from where we stay and hopefully this project will establish easy access to water because as it is, we are using water from the dam,” said Chikumbo.
Villagers in most rural areas have and find it difficult to access water during this Covid-19 era where water remains a critical component in safeguarding people’s safety.

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