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BSPZ funds being abused, says Chiredzi DA

The yet to be completed BSPZ building

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CHIREDZI – Chiredzi District Administrator (DA) Ndeya Nyede is riled by the snail pace by which the Better Schools Programme in Zimbabwe (BSPZ) building in Chiredzi is progressing and has blamed authorities in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for abusing funds that are meant to improve education in the district.
In an interview with TellZim News, Nyede expressed displeasure with what he indicated to be misplaced priorities in the education department.
He castigated Chiredzi District Schools Inspector (DSI) Petronella Nyangwe for prioritising travel and subsistence allowances (T/S) while showing no initiative on how to raise funds needed to complete the building.
He bemoaned the resignation of former DSI Asaniel Chauke in 2015, saying his departure marked the end for any shred of competency that had existed in the department.
“It seems the entire staff at DSI’s office are concerned about T/S only rather than completing the building. In the province, it think that’s the only building which has not yet been completed.
“Since Chauke resigned in 2015, nothing has changed, they are just collecting BSPZ’s funds in schools for T/S only,” said Nyede.
When contacted for comment, Nyangwe said the department was facing financial challenges and could not complete the building in time.
 “The building was supposed to be completed during Chauke’s tenure as some donors had promised to finance it but, unfortunately, the deal did not succeed. We are now getting back to our usual financer; the schools that owe us a lot of money,” said Nyangwe.
Primary schools pay a dollar per pupil while secondary schools pay two dollars towards the BSPZ fund which, however, has produced very little if any tangible benefits for the many school children most of whom still learn in dilapidated structures.
Critics have also said much of the BSPZ money is being used to buy luxury vehicles for officials while deserving schools continue being news

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