Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Buhera RDC rids Murambinda of vendors

Davison Marenga
Buhera Rural District Council (BRDC) has taken a radical move to create sanity and cleanliness in Murambinda growth point by pushing informal traders and commuter omnibuses from undesignated places.
People from such faraway places as Madzivire and Marenga have tried to escape the effects of the drought by joining the already swelling hordes of vendors in Murambinda, with glaring effects on environmental cleanliness.
The latest move means council will have to play cat and mouse games with the vendors for a long time. So far the vendors have proved stubborn in their resistance to relocation.
The informal traders had mushroomed along shop verandas and in front of Delta Stockist shops.
If caught off guard, the traders lose their wares to council which auctions them at lower than market prices but there are also claims of corrupt council officials sharing the confiscated goods amongst themselves. 
Kombis which used to pick up and drop of passengers at undesignated places have also been feeling the heat of late with council police cars consistently chasing them along the crowded and dusty roads of the sprawling growth

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  1. these Chibvongodze led morons are sick whats there in Buhera to warrant all this its high time there must be a residents association to monitor the rote do things to attract investors and create employment for the poor people


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