Thursday, September 16, 2021

Cattle theft increases in Mberengwa

Davison Marenga

MBERENGWA – Villagers in Mberengwa West and Insiza South have called upon the government to allow the traditional leadership to be involved in the clearance and selling of cattle so as to curb the increasing cases of cattle rustling in the area.
A number of villagers who have lost their cattle to thieves this year said the government should give the local leadership power to handle livestock sales so as to reduce bureaucracy if the problem of cattle rustling is to be seriously countered.
The concerned villagers also expressed unhappiness with the transportation of livestock at night, saying all transportation matters must be done during the day as thieves were taking advantage of the darkness to steal cattle.
Insiza South house of assembly representative, Malaki Nkomo also said he was worried with the spike in cattle theft cases in the two districts over the past few months.
“It’s painful as many people are losing their cattle to thieves. This month alone, about 20 beasts have been stolen so far and no trace has been established as yet.
“These thieves are targeting mainly the heifers and oxen, leaving farmers in dire situations,” said Nkomo.local

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