Monday, September 20, 2021

Chief Neshuro lives large

he demands forex from villagers

Cephas Shava
MWENEZI – Village
heads that are under Chief Neshuro (real name Rodwell Gudo) are complaining
that the traditional leader is charging foreign currency for services that are
often rendered free of charge.
weekend, each village head in Rutenga West had to pay R50 to receive a 10kg bag
of rice which village heads receive under an annual government programme.
of the village heads told TellZim News that they felt Chief Neshuro was conning
them, saying he was making them pay for services that must not be paid for.
contacted for comment, Chief Neshuro denied the allegations, arguing that there
was a named senior politician fighting him and trying by all means possible to
soil his name.
true that rice was distributed to village heads under the Zunde raMambo
programme but the truth of the matter is that no one was charged in forex.
There are politicians here who are trying to tarnish my image because we have
got some unresolved land issues,” claimed Chief Neshuro.
one of Chief Neshuro’s headmen, Tanaka Zano whose area covers Rutenga West
confirmed that village heads were indeed being made to pay forex for services.
true that we convened a meeting that was presided over by the chief himself. Our
village heads were given rice and they were asked to pay R50 transport cost but
those who did not have money were also given the option to pay in the local
currency,” said Zano.
messages had been sent to the village heads informing them that they were
required to pay the R50 when they come to collect their share of the grain.
uyai neR50 nesaga empty paMutove neSvondo magwanani muzopiwa rice naMambo
musanonoka kana kutadza. (village head bring R50 and an empty sack at Mutove on
Sunday morning so that you receive your share of rice from the Chief. Make sure
you come early and you comply accordingly),” read one of the messages sent to
one village head.
village heads also complained that the chief was demanding that they raise
foreign currency from their subjects on his behalf.
this year, we were each forced to raise R200 for his car tyres. Although we
managed to raise the money from the villagers the chief did not come back with
the said car tyres, rising suspicious that he could have used the money for
something else.
is exploiting us for his lavish lifestyle and we are now helping him to raise
his maintenance arrears,” fumed one village head who spoke on condition of
Neshuro has on several occasions been in the media all for wrong reasons. He
was convicted twice at the Mwenezi Magistrate Court after he failed to pay
maintenance arrears to his ex-wife.   

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