Thursday, September 16, 2021

Our soldiers’ shots do not miss

warns ‘drama queen’ Chamisa
Zanu PF national political commissar and deputy
minister of Defense and War Veterans Affairs Victor Matemadanda has lashed out
at ‘drama queen’ MDC leader Nelson Chamisa whose party sensationally claimed
that the army and police used live ammunition at him in Marondera saying the
Zimbabwean security forces do not miss their targets.
Matemadanda said that if Chamisa is alive today it
means that no one in the government or Zanu PF want to cause him any harm
because the security forces have a record of hitting their targets with
Addressing a Zanu PF Masvingo provincial
inter-district meeting at Masvingo Polytechnic College on Monday (December 2),
Matemadanda said that the Zimbabwe military has left a good record with their
precise and lethal tactics.
“Someone (Chamisa) goes to Marondera and claims that
the army fired live ammunition at him. The media goes wild with the story
saying Chamisa missed death by a whisker.
“Our soldiers have a record of hitting their targets
with precision. They do not miss. If you want to know more about our soldiers
go to Somalia, Angola, Mozambique and DRC then ask if our soldiers miss their
“They will tell you that vanonzi vana mapfura nhunzi,”
said Matemadanda.
Chamisa was in Marondera for a tree planting ceremony
earmarked for Dombotombo Clinic but he is said to have abandoned the exercise
scurrying for cover as police allegedly fired rubber and live bullets at him.
Matemadanda said that Chamisa is losing relevance and
he tries by all means to get public sympathy but the people of Zimbabwe are now
seeing his true colours.
“This same guy (Chamisa), some eight or so months
staged a kidnapping scene with a Toyota Harrier and he brought a lot of
cameras. Who is that fool who kidnaps a nonentity like Chamisa?
“Our army and government does not benefit anything by
killing Chamisa. What value has he got other than making noise? There is also
another nobody in Marondera who claimed that the army wanted to kill him and
ended up shooting his fuel tanks.
“Our army does not miss a person to hit tanks, no.
These guys are so desperate. We will not lose sleep over Chamisa. He is just a
desperate young man. He has failed,” said Matemadanda.
He said that Zanu PF will never beg Chamisa for
anything and they will move the country forward since they were given the
mandate by the people.
“They say President Mnangagwa is desperate to be
recognised as the legitimate leader by Chamisa and we laugh because it is
fools’ talk. Who is Chamisa, kumisa ani?
“The issue of legitimacy was dealt with by the
Zimbabwean people in the ballot and Chamisa challenged it at the Supreme Court.
He lost again at the Supreme Court so who is he to talk about legitimacy?
“Legitimacy does not come from your opponent. We do
not care about being recognised by MDC. There is no value addition whatsoever.
They must worry about their dying MDC. Hatishaiswi hope nembudzi iri kukwesha
madziro,” said Matemadanda.

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