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Chiredzi Town Council on Zacc radar

Wesley Kauma

…as two managers appear in court for corruption
Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI- The Chiredzi Town Council  engineer and town planner who were last week arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) on four counts of criminal abuse of office have been released on bail.
Town engineer Wesley Kauma and town planner Consider Kubiku were arraigned before Chiredzi Magistrate Joy Chikodzore who granted each of then them $10 000 bail and ordered them to surrender their passports and report once a week at Chiredzi Police Station.
The State represented by David Tafangenyasha alleged that Kauma and Kubiku were sold medium density stands for $500 by the local authority back in 2015.
Being in position of authority in the council, the duo failed to pay for their stands and went on to develop their stands.
Kubiku is alleged to have sold his stand to Kauma without paying the initial price to the town council.
Kauma went on to construct buildings on stand number 3609 and 3610 without following the council procedures for developing such stands.
Procedures are that before any developments are carried out on the stands, they should be fully paid up to the council, approved by the housing director and all reticulation processes completed.
On account two, Kauma is said to have unlawfully allocated himself stand number 3451 Tshovani Township in Chiredzi without making any payment to council including purchase price.
Kubiku, who was the acting housing director, approved the proposed plan of the stand without verifying the paper work.
On count three, Kubiku offered Kauma stand number 5332 Low Density Tshovani Township which he proceeded to develop without making any payments to the local authority.
On the fourth count, Kauma was offered Stand Number 4185 by former and now late housing director one Bambazha at a cost of $2 000 but he paid only $200.
He went on to develop the stand against council requirements that a full purchase price should be paid before any developments on the stands are done and appropriate authority is obtained from council.

Kubiku approved the plan for Stand Number 4185 and went on to instruct the building inspector, Tinos Murombo, to sign the certificate of occupation as if all due process had been followed

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