Circuit court to open at Chikombedzi

Justice Rita Makarau

Beverly Bizeki

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has been urged to open a circuit court in Chikombedzi in Masvingo province to improve access to justice in the area.
Addressing guests at the official opening of the 2023 legal year in Masvingo on January 9, 2023, Justice Rita Makarau said the move would ensure that access to justice by people in the area is improved.
“The issue of the opening of a circuit court at Chikombedzi which is fairly distant from Chiredzi and is not readily accessible especially during the rainy season, will go a long way towards improving access to justice.
“I was informed that the crimes committed in the area are quite serious, including as they do, stock theft and armed robberies,” said Justice Makarau.
She also said the move to open a circuit court has been welcomed as the delay to ensure justice prevails results in criminals fleeing from the country to Mozambique.
“The delay in prosecuting cases from this area results in the defeating of justice as the offenders easily but illegally cross the border into Mozambique,” added Justice Makarau.
Justice Makarau recommended these observations to JSC after noting that the province was in need of another provincial magistrate and an additional magistrate to assist in the disposition of civil matters.
“The candid but value adding observations made by the profession especially regarding the need for another provincial magistrate to assist in the disposition of civil matters can only go a long way in enhancing service delivery by the magistrate courts here in Masvingo,” explained Justice Makarau.
Masvingo has also been applauded for a commendable work after achieving a sterling 99 percent case clearance rate in the previous legal year.
The High Court in Masvingo was also commended for setting very high standards despite operating with two judges only.
“Even though the two judges coped well with the workload at the station, I am aware of the sentiments of the community that an additional judge be deployed at Masvingo High Court at the nearest convenience,” said Justice Makarau.


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