Thursday, October 21, 2021
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City fathers snub memorial service for baby killed by municipal vehicle

MURRA resident reporter.
Masvingo residents have again expressed dismay over the city fathers’ decision to snub a memorial service for the late 10 weeks old Polite Mutezo who was crushed to death by a Municipal police vehicle.
The memorial service in honour of Polite’s life was held on 29 August this year at Mucheke hall and was organized by Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Association [ MURRA ] in conjunction with Masvingo Agenda. Other organizations that took part are ZCIEA and ZCTU.
It was the absence of the City fathers and the killer Municipal cop at the function, despite being invited by the organizers that angered residents who described them as heartless people who continue to show no remorse to the Mutezo family.
“I don’t think the City fathers and their colleagues at Town house have a heart. How could they snub or turn down an invitation to attend a memorial service of the infant they killed. Its shows that they don’t even feel sorry for the family and they do not care. They are behaving like monsters,” said Tafatigere Zhou, a resident who attended the memorial service.
The city council is also under fire from the Mutezo family and the residents for its arrogance during the funeral when it failed to assist the family to meet the expenses.

 Police holding the body of the baby

The council dumped Municipal police to handle the issues at the funeral alone, but residence felt that it was supposed to take the lead since the man was on duty when the incident happened.
Residence felt that as the employer that came up with the operation to chase vendors, Masvingo city council is responsible for the death of the infant but it never bothered to fork out even a cent to help the family.
As if that was not enough the City fathers this time left residents boiling after snubbing the memorial service.
“Something should be done to knock sense into the heads of the city leaders. Are they normal human beings or they are just dinosaurs who even don’t care. I think we need to deal with them,” another resident said.
At the memorial service, residents comforted Polite’s Parents and gave them hope but deplored the city council operation of chasing vendors and threatened to take action to stop the city fathers before the loss of more lives.Local
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