Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Covid-19 vaccination cards theft investigations at Mucheke clinic ongoing

Kimberly Kusauka

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Masvingo council municipal police have launched an investigation into the whereabouts of an undisclosed number of Covid-19 vaccination cards that mysteriously disappeared at Mucheke clinic between end of August to early September 2021.
Masvingo Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeus Shamhu confirmed the issue and referred all questions to Masvingo City Council Acting Chief Environmental Health Officer, Ngonidzashe Mapamula as the facility is council-run.
“I can confirm that Covid-19 vaccination cards were stolen at Mucheke clinic around the end of August or early September but you can get finer details from Mr Mapamula,” said Dr Shamhu.
Mapamula said the case was reported at Chikato police station in Mucheke and is still under investigation.
“The issue was reported at Chikato police station and ZRP, Municipal police and our audit section are involved in the investigation.
“It is still an issue which is under investigation hence we cannot comment much,” said Mapamula.
Cases of theft of vaccination cards once rose during the peak of the ‘command vaccination’ as some defiant people ended up engaging in corrupt activities to get proof of vaccination which they would not have undergone.
In the past few months, people have been raising concern on the simplicity of the vaccination card, with some saying the cards did not have any security features hence open to manipulation before the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) moved a step forward by digitizing the cards in August this year.
It seems there is low turnout of people at vaccination points since most of them are now reluctant following Covid-19 lockdown relaxation from level four to two.

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