Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Determination spurs fashion designer

Patricia Makubaro
A self-made fashion designer in Zvishavane is making waves designing clothes and school uniforms, refusing to be limited by her lack of formal education in the field of garment designing.
Faith Nyengeterwa (51), who owns Onai Fashion, has made a number of impressive designs of both formal and informal wear as well as school uniforms.
“I never had a chance to study fashion and fabrics at school and I don’t have any formal qualification in a related field,’ said Nyengeterwa. 
A qualified mathematics teacher, Nyengeterwa resigned from her job in 2013 after 25 years of service, opting instead to fully concentrate on her dream of being as fashion designer.
“My parents encouraged and gave me the motivation to become who I am today. Our family is made up of innovative people who do their own things, my father being a self-employed carpenter of note,” said Nyengeterwa.
She opened her business in 2010 while still employed as a teacher, operating in the open before pulling together some resources for a place to rent. “I have been passionate about designing for a very long time and I will hang on in the industry despite the challenges I face because this is where I find the pleasure of work,” she said, adding that she sometimes has to go to Harare for cheaper material and a bigger market.
On her bigger plans, the talented Nyengeterwa said she wishes to build a private designing college that will give talented designers a chance to unleash their talents.
“I believe women should create an identity for themselves and must not rely on men for everything” she said.entertainment

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