Thursday, August 11, 2022

Discover Chipinge’s vast investment opportunities

Chipinge RDC CEO, Blessing Mamvosha
Stephen Ephraem

Chipinge Rural District Council (RDC) has embarked on extensive marketing drive which it hopes will help attract more investment to the south-eastern district which lies approximately 460 km from Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare.
The RDC has produced fliers and a 27-minute-long documentary film named ‘Chipinge the Thriving District’. 
The district has a small farming town that was established in 1957. The district borders Mozambique starting from Mahenye to Southdown. It borders Chimanimani district to the north, Buhera and Bikita districts to the west and Chiredzi district to the south.
Chipinge town is located in the natural farming region 1, but the district overlaps the high veld and low veld which falls into natural farming region 5. Chipinge is a district that one can cross from natural farming region 1 to 5 over a short period.
Before splitting into Chipinge Town Council and Chipinge Rural District Council, the two councils started as Gazaland District Council in 1980. Chipinge RDC was then formed in 1991 under the leadership of Charles Inggs who was then succeeded James Mundoma. Currently, Chipinge RDC is under the leadership of its chief executive officer (CEO) Blessing Mamvosha.
“Our council operates under five departments that are administration and human resources, finance, internal audit, technical services department and social services,” said Mamvosha.
“We want to guarantee prospective investors that our staff will take care of their business needs in whatever trade they want to venture in. Chipinge has opportunities in forestry, agriculture, energy, property development, tourism and hospitality,” he said.
Mamvosha went on to emphasise on the need for partnerships, saying they were the most viable way of ensuring successful projects.
“Our government is focusing on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). We invite private investors to make Chipinge a thriving town. With everyone’s support, Chipinge Rural District Council can become a place of excellence in terms of investment and service

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