Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Farewell for Midlands PED Gudo

Tinaani Nyabereka

Schools in Midlands gathered on Friday, November 02, to bid farewell to former
Provincial Education Director (PED) Agnes Gudo who retired from the Ministry of
Primary and Secondary Education in September this year.
at the farewell party ceremony which was held at Chaplin High School, director
in the office of the Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs, Cleto Diwa
thanked Gudo whom she said had served the province’s education sector with
a province, we have opened a new chapter in as far as education is concerned
because Agnes Gudo has led systems in the province from 2002-2018 and to us, it’s
a legacy which will live on and on.
rates have increased in the province because of Mai Gudo’s hard work. She has
promoted development through the construction of schools in the province and
for that, we remain grateful,” said Diwa.
and renowned artist, Bob Nyabinde thanked Gudo for working diligently for the province
and the country.
have a guitar that I made for myself because Mrs Gudo inspired me to do music
when I was facing a lot of criticism from people who felt I shouldn’t be
singing because I was still at work. I was, however, happy when she said people
should leave me to play.
am a musician today because of inspiration from her. I therefore urge you to
remain united despite Mai Gudo’s retirement and continue to work hard towards
building our education,” said Nyabinde.
her remarks, Agnes Gudo thanked the Midlands community for the love and support
they gave during her term of office, saying people should continue promoting
the province’s education through unity of purpose and hard work

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