Friday, September 17, 2021

Fun-loving police officer loses car to stranger

Brighton Chiseva

MASVINGO – A police officer who recently gave one stranger a lift
in the night and took him to a shebeen in Mucheke where they bought beer before
picking up sex workers, has found himself in misery after the stranger stole
his car, TellZim can report.
Constable Misery Kupakunoyamura
(27), who is a based at Masvingo Central Police Station, was driving his Nissan
Sunny past Rujeko A shops at around 21:00hrs on April 15 when he gave the
stranger a lift.
The two became immediate buddies
and they drove to an illegal beer joint in Mucheke where they enjoyed some
drinks before going back to Kupakunoyamura’s place in Rujeko in the company of
two sex workers.
Later in the night, they went back
to the shebeen to buy more drinks which they enjoyed with their ladies before
retiring for the night.
Early the following morning on April
16, Kupakunoyamura woke up intending to collect some cash he had left in the
car, only to be shocked upon realizing that the car was not there and his new
friend was nowhere to be found.
He got back into the house and
asked one of the ladies about what had happened, only for her to profess ignorance.
A total of $1000, the police
officer’s identity documents and other particulars were in the car.
Kupakunoyamura only reported the
matter to the police the following day after all spirited attempts to quietly track
the stranger failed.

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