Saturday, September 18, 2021

Gokomere High pupil gives birth at school

Mark Chavunduka
A form six pupil at Gokomere High School has shocked the community, fellow
pupils and the community at large when she successfully concealed her pregnancy
for nine months until she gave birth in the dormitories at the school early
this week.
High School head Aquanos Mazhunga refused to comment on the matter saying he
was seized with other important matters ahead of schools lockdown due to the
Covid 19 pandemic.
at the school said that Mercy Marimbe managed to fool everyone including her
parents, teachers and friends on her pregnancy and no one even suspected a
is fat so it became easier for her to conceal the pregnancy. Everyone just
thought that she was getting fat and there was no sign of pregnancy.
were surprised to hear that there is a pupil who has given birth in the
dormitories and everyone was shocked to see that Marimbe had delivered her baby
but no one noticed the pregnancy.
school went on to notify her parents that they had a grandchild and they could
not believe it since they did not see the pregnancy,” said a teacher who
preferred anonymity.
is said that Marimbe had stopped eating sadza at the school lying to her
friends that she had ulcers and sadza would make her sick.
gave birth during the night when other pupils were tucked into their beds only
to be awakened by labour sounds.
pupils are said to have switched on the lights and saw Marimbe pushing her baby
out and ran to alert the school matron who came and assisted Marimbe before she
was taken to the clinic.


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