Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Government should be serious on curbing Covid-19

The recent rise in the number of Covid-19 cases should be cause for concern for the government because the country might be sitting on ticking time bomb. 

For some time now, warnings about an impending Covid-19 third wave have been grave, and this is the time the country starts to take them serious because the vaccines people have been given are yet to be put to the test.

There is a very high probability that the country’s health system will definitely fold if the deadly variants of the coronavirus decide to hit our shores, which is more reason why government should do whatever it can to raise the bar on Covid-19 restrictions.

It seems as if government has relaxed on all aspects of minimizing the spread, witnessed by the way people are being packed in Zupco kombis and the lack of enforcement on sanitization in shops where people sometimes are packed with no social distancing.

With the recent emerging hotspots in Masvingo like Bondolfi Teachers College and Chiredzi, the situation may develop to be difficult to control because reports are saying people are flocking to the sugar town, therefore it becomes a mammoth task for contact tracing

This complacency may cost us gravely if government and the Ministry of Health and Child Care should make sure they identify these hotspots and put control measures in place. Government should desist from putting localized lockdowns which are just on paper but practically nothing is happening.

The case of Kwekwe, there was no serious lockdown as people were allowed to pass through, getting in and out without problems.

The case of Bondolfi should not be repeated where students in quarantine escaped and went home in Renco Mine and effected the whole family.

Another issue of note is about the vaccines, there is no enough information as to which phase we are currently in. who are currently being vaccinated and the type of vaccines which people are currently receiving.

We hear there is a new vaccine from Russia and people need to know who are being targeted next and there is still need to raise awareness on the need to be vaccinated.

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