Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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GZU upholds Zinasu SRC election victory

Courage Dutiro
Zimbabwe University has declared the Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu)
as the victors of the recently-held Students Representative Council (SRC)
May 09, GZU held its first elections after the enactment of its new students’
clinched seven strategic posts including the presidency and the secretary
general’s post but the outcome of the election was challenged by rival
groupings that sought their nullification, arguing that they were marred by
gross irregularities.
responding to the petition that was brought before the Electoral Supervisory
Committee (ESC) by the aggrieved camp, GZU Pro Vice Chancellor Andrew Chindanya
released a statement saying the petitioners had failed to provide credible
evidence for him to nullify the results.
 “The petitioners have failed to place clear,
sufficient, direct and credible evidence for me to nullify the results, the
petitioners have not provided any proof.
petitions seeking the setting aside of elections of the members of the
Executive Board of the Students’ Executive Council (EBSEC) held on May 9, 2019,
are dismissed. The elections of the members of the EBSEC are hereby upheld. The
winning candidates are hereby declared to have been declared duly elected,”
reads part of the statement.
has been established that the group of the aggrieved candidates had gone to an
extent of forging signatures of some candidates on the petition in a bid to
overturn the election results.
candidates whose signatures were forged, however, later distanced themselves
from the petition.
Ngadziore, who won the presidency, said Zinasu was thankful to the university
for upholding the election results.
want to thank the administration for allowing the voice of the students that
spoke on May 9 to be heard. We also want to thank them for upholding justice
and constitutionalism,” said Ngadziore.
May 9 election results marked the end of the Zimbabwe Congress of Students
Union (Zicosu)’s long dominance of the Students Representative Council (SRC) at
Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).

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