Hope for 21 Runyararo West flood victims

Aerial view of Runyararo West

Beverly Bizeki

A ray of hope is shining on the Davis Mugabe Street residents in Runyararo West flood victims as Masvingo City Council is set to identify residential stands in Runyararo West for the affected families.
This was revealed in the Health, Housing and Environment Minutes dated November 6 where council made the recommendation in regards to the perennial challenges of flooding experienced each year and council sought to find a lasting solution for the residents.
“Consideration was given to the report of the Director of Housing and Social Services on the relocation of Davis Mugabe residents. It was reported that each year, residents of Davis Mugabe Street in Runyararo West experience perennial challenges of flooding.
“Last season, those residents were temporarily moved to the District Development Fund (DDF) Training Centre, but a long-lasting solution is required,” read the minutes.
Council therefore recommended that it identifies stands in Runyararo Northwest and advise the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works of the availability of the stands so that the Disaster Protection Unit can map a way forward for the affected families.
“Council has resolved to recommend that the Director of Engineering Services in liaison with the Director of Housing and Social Services be instructed to identify 21 residential stands in one of its areas preferably Runyararo Northwest and advises the Ministry of Local Government of the availability of such stands wherein the Ministry’s Disaster protection Unit will map the way forward,” read part of the minutes.
In March this year, Masvingo Town Clerk Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa said council had plans to identify stands for the victims and put-up structures as they have so that the spaces they are used to do not change.
The victims were this year affected by the heavy rains that hit Masvingo before Tropical Cyclone Freddy.


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