Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Jaboon difies Hungwe

…as Mujuru video causes stir in Zanu PF

Itai  Muzondo

Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Commissar (PC)  Jeppy Jaboon, who was forced by Josaya Hungwe to swallow a humble pie in the Provincial Co-coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting recently, has since come out with guns blazing saying no one had the capacity to stop him from exposing party members who were allegedly supping with the former Vice President Joice Mujuru.
Despite having been stopped from showing a video ‘meant to expose members who had double standards’, Jaboon said it was his duty as the PC to expose members who were not loyal to the party. He said he was preparing to take the video to President Robert Mugabe so that those who offend the party would be punished.
Jaboon said he was tired of hiding behind the finger said it was now time of exposing those who have double standards.
“I am the political commissar for Masvingo and there is no way Hungwe can stop me. I am supposed to guard the party from being infiltrated so I will expose, without fear, all the activities that are against the party’s constitution. I have a video clip where party members attended a Mujuru secret meeting and I don’t know why he (Hungwe) would want those culprits being protected yet they should appear before our disciplinary team. I will make sure that the video reaches to President Robert Mugabe and no one will dare stop me,” said Jaboon.
However, Jaboon said he understood that Hungwe stopped him from showing a video in question because of time constraints during the meeting.
“I am sure the President deserve to know who is selling out to who and its my task to expose all those who pretend to be with us and yet they emerge to be spies,” added Jaboon.
Though Jaboon could not reveal the names of the party members he said were in the video he claimed to have, he vowed to take the clip to President Mugabe and said he will not rest until a disciplinary action is taken against the culprits.
“How can we focus with party business when we are working with enemies from within, leaders who have joined the opposition? With the evidence I have, all of them will be fired. They are obviously people of different agendas and goals so they should be fired from the party,” added Jaboon.  
TellZim News understands that Jaboon was irked by the number of Zanu PF youths who attended People First meeting held in Bikita recently.
“No its not People First – to us its People Fired, they are disgruntled fired people who console each other at some meetings but when some of us go there – we must expose them and show them the exit door if need be,” said Jaboon.
Jaboon was left with an egg on the face during the Zanu PF Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) recently when Hungwe stopped him from playing a video clip in which the political commissar claimed that there were party members who were captured attending People First meeting.
Speaking to TellZim News two weeks ago, Hungwe said Masvingo party leadership needed to slow down in their approach to issues they were dealing with. Hungwe also admitted that he stopped Jaboon from showing the video clip in question saying the meeting was meant for discussing progress in the preparation of the 21st February cebrations to be hosted in the province next month.
However, last week, Hungwe told this publication that he would not comment on Jaboon’s intention to take the video clip to Mugabe.
“He has not informed me of his intention…I don’t know the contents of that clip therefore I can not comment,” said Hungwe.
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