Saturday, September 18, 2021

Jealousy woman brutalises love rival over hubby

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – A polygamous man showed more affection to his second wife and this enraged the first wife who then severely assaulted her love rival and injured her in the process.
Thirty-two year-old Takesure Munyarari of Chikiti village under Chief Maranda was recently convicted, on her own plea of guilty, of domestic violence when she appeared in the Mwenezi Magistrates Court.
Magistrate Honest Musiiwa sentenced her to 20 days behind bars or alternatively to pay a fine of US$50.
Asked by the magistrate why she committed the offense, a tearful Munyarari admitted she was jealousy of the younger wife.
“Musiwekutanga ndaimurovera phone ye light ye murume wedu yaairamba nayo— pechi two ndakamurova nokuda kwekuti ainditi hee handichadiwa ne murume saka ndofanira kuchibva pamba nokuti iye ndiye akanga avapakati pemoyo womurume,” she told the court.
The State’s Angelinah Makonya convinced the court that on August 22 around 8 pm, Munyarari sent her younger sister to go and collect her husband’s phone which was being used by Matilda Rugwe, who is the second wife to Munyarari’s husband.
Rugwe refused to let go of the phone and this angered Munyarari who then went and severely beat the complainant using her bare hands until their husband restrained her.
Rugwe was taken to the hospital where she was medically examined and established that she suffered injuries on her face and other parts of her body. A police report was made leading to Munyarari’s arrest.local

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