Monday, March 27, 2023

KMP residents relieved of water woes

TellZim Reporter

Perennial water woes in Masvingo Urban ward 4’s KMP area were recently mitigated through the drilling of a borehole with a bush pump in the area.

The borehole project done using Ward Development Fund will see KMP residents being relieved of water shortages that had been haunting the area.

Ward 4 Councilor Alec Tabe wrote to council on February 24 requesting for the funds, which were availed leading to the drilling of the borehole.

“We have identified an open space at KMP Phase 2 suitable for a borehole. Therefore, we are requesting for the drilling of a borehole with a bush pump at that area.

“We are proposing that both the outstanding Ward Development Fund for 2022 and the current 2023 US$ 1 500 be utilized on the 2023 project stated above,” read part of the letter.

KMP residents said they were relieved to have had a borehole drilled in the area because water availability would now be better.

“Having this borehole drilled means we are not going to struggle accessing water in our area. You know how it is when there is water rationing and we are glad that Cllr Tabe heeded to our request to have a borehole with a bush pump,” a resident said.

Another resident said queuing for water would now become a thing of the past as the number of boreholes in the vicinity was growing.

“Having to queue for water is frustrating and having such facilities as this borehole brings a sigh of relief,” she said.

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