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Land barons target Chiredzi expansion land

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI– A Harare based company is allegedly targeting to sell 500 unserviced residential stands on the 750 hectares earmarked for the expansion of Chiredzi Town and Rural District Councils at US$2500 each, while the two local authorities gain nothing, TellZim News can reveal.

Full Life Open Arms Africa Investments (FLOAAI) did a feasibility study for the 750 hectares which is jointly owned by both councils and which they were given by government after they had ran out of expansion land.

Both councils jointly engaged FLOAAI and were hoping to begin servicing of the land as a precursor to the sale of the stands for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. 

In documents obtained by TellZim News, Andrew Chigudu  the Director of Projects and Planning at FLOAAI Pvt Ltd allegedly wrote to Audrey Madzima the General Manager of Enhanced Mortgaging and Housing P/L offering them a sale of 500 undeveloped stands measuring 240 and 300 square meters dated May 17 2021.

“Our company, Full Life Open Arms Investments (FLOAAI) Pvt Ltd hereby offer your company Enhanced Mortgaging and Housing (EMH) 500 undeveloped residential stands that measures 240 square meters and 300 square meters from our sub-division Layout (SL1109) approved on 15 March 2021 in accordance with memorandum of Agreement with Chiredzi Town Council and Chiredzi Rural District Council.

“We offer you these 500 undeveloped stands at a price of US$2500.00 each,” the letter reads.

EMH, allegedly responded asking for confirmation of the deal between FLOAAI and the two local authorities before it pays the USD1 250 000.00.

“We are kindly requesting for the following information with regards to a particular project being undertaken in Chiredzi. Project Status, Land Ownership details. Please note that we have been offered stands in the area with a sub division layout (SL1109) which was approved on the 15th of March 2021. You may refer to the email attached,” reads the letter from Madzima.

In an interview Chiredzi Town Council Chairperson Gibson Hwende said he only knows FLOAAI in relation to a feasibility study which it did for the 750 hectares of land and said he is yet to receive information that it is selling stands in the said area.

“FLOAAI did the feasibility studies for the 750 hectares and I am yet to hear of such developments but the said piece of land belongs to both councils and no way can a single council make such a decision and above all, government policy doesn’t allow that,” said Hwende.

Chiredzi Town Council is yet to give residents the green light to commence construction of houses at Melbourne Park as they are still to complete servicing of the stands.

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