Saturday, September 18, 2021

Man in trouble for beating sex worker

Cephas Shava
MWENEZI – A 27-year old man is in trouble with the law after he used a broken beer bottle to beat up the colleague of a sex worker he had hired at Rutenga.
Blessing Nyakurimwa, who resides at the growth point, was convicted after pleading guilty to a charge of assaulting Loice Munemo.
Magistrate Honest Musiiwa sentenced Nyakurimwa to 18 months imprisonment, six of which were conditionally suspended. The remaining 12 months were set aside on condition that Nyakurimwa performed 420 hours of community service at the Mwenezi Magistrates’ Court.
Though he did not disclose the root cause of his argument with the victim, Nyakurimwa admitted to beating her.
“The complainant and the other lady are sex workers. We were together and there was a misunderstanding over something. I became angry and I ended up striking Munemo but it was not my intention to hurt her,” said Nyakurimwa.
State facts as argued by prosecutor Angelinah Makonya are that on March 6 at around 20:00 hrs, Nyakurimwa visited Nosta Svosve who was at Ian One booking houses.
While the two were still inside, Munemo also got into the same room and slept on her own bed.
Later, an argument between the pair arose and Munemo interfered, raising the ire of Nyakurimwa who then attacked her.
The complainant filed a police report at Rutenga Police Station leading to Nyakurimwa’s arrest.
A medical report which was produced as exhibit showed that Munemo sustained severe injuries.court.

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