Monday, September 20, 2021

May someone please do a Lameck on Mugabe

Kkkkkk but muchinda anonzi Lameck Chimoka akapenga manje. He had the guts to get-crush a funeral in Mabvuku in Harare and speak out his mind ipapo ipapo – hanzi mai vafa ava vamuri kuti vange vari munhu ari right inhema she was very cruel. Vairarisa mwanasikana wangu panze vachimudira weti yavo makuseni. Kkkkkk Lameck so ka!
While people normally do not speak ill about the dead, Lameck proved to be a gentleman just like Mapombi, and he poured his heart out not zvekunyeperana kuti wafa wanaka.
Mapombi was thinking what could be our situation in Zimbabwe right now if we had people like Lameck in Zanu PF. Uncle Bob would have gone kudhara chaiko vakangoudzwa pachena kuti mava kuwondonga nyika iyi chisiirai vamwe. Unfortunately, the party is full of bootlickers, they always lie to the President that things are well in the country yet everything is just up-side-down.
There is cash crisis, high unemployment and the economy is getting worse. Politically, the Zanu PF intra-party fights are affecting development as the MPs and ministers spend much of their time having factional meetings.  The roads are full of potholes, clinics and hospitals have no medicine and industries are closing yet the President said zvinhu zviri kufaya muZimbabwe wotoshaya kuti tiri tese here or someone is speaking from Singapore.
But one would see that our President vanoita maune chaiwo; it’s not an issue of being misled because he reads newspapers every day where Zimbabwe’s poor economic situation is being sufficiently highlighted. Mapombi can tell you guys that Mr President really knows the situation on the ground but ndozvinoita maCapitalists – they portray the picture that things are very normal yet it will be the few of them who will be enjoying. He knows people are sleeping on bank queues and are getting $20 as maximum withdrawal that is kana yatobuda $20 yacho. In spite of all that, boldly says he is happy because Zimbabwe is on economic recovery path.  Tinyareiwo isu vana Mapombi kana musina zvekutaura nyararai mudye makanyarara.
We know Mugabe is enjoying these factional fights and that is the reason Kasukuwere is being protected. We have known quite a number of Zanu PF officials who were fired and suspended from the party without going for a hearing but now because it’s Kasukuwere, party members are being told to follow the party constitution.  Kkkkkk imboitai tione kwazvinosvika. You said it last year that Zezurus are unconquerable and for sure tiri kuzviona. They are unconquerable indeed! Takazviona, tirikuzviona.
But naiyewo Ngwena wacho anazvo. Anyway, regai tione kuti Chamatama ungatadza here kutibudisa mugehena ratiri. Like I always tell people kuti handina kana bank account or even decent accommodation. Ndinogara pa Dr Grace Mugabe Trading Centre apo but Mapombi always feels sorry for my fellow brethren especially civil servants.
They sleep in queues and they are given $20 kkkkkkk. What it means is that they need three weeks to withdraw their salary and by the time they finish they will only have one week to spare before they come again to join the queues. Is this life? Ndidavirei vanhu veZanu PF hungava hupenyu here uhwu?
Chete vana Tsvangirai vacho imbwendewo zvadzo. They are cowards – now we need people like Lameck who can defy the odds and say CEO matadza chisiyai basa not bootlicking. If Lameck could be the chance and opportunity to meet Mugabe, Mapombi is very sure he would tell the 93-year-old leader kuti nyika yava mamvemve iyi.
Mapombi went to the stadium on May Day with the intention to find leftovers pafunction yeWorkers Day. But oops, there were no leftovers. In fact there were no workers to talk about. The very few workers who were at Mucheke Stadium had pale faces and there was virtually nothing to show that they were indeed workers except that they are wallowing in poverty. They cannot even access the little they earn because of the cash crisis in the country.
Mr Lameck can you please help the majority of Zimbabweans who are struggling to make ends meet but are afraid to say it out by speaking out like what you did a fortnight ago? Can you kindly tell Mr President that nyika yava mamvemve iyi.  Ko vakachizorora zvingadiiko? You mean there is absolutely no one in Zanu PF who can run this country far much better than the current leader? You mean all the Doctors (PhDs) in Zanu PF have no clue on how to run this country? Mapombi really appreciates the role Mugabe played as President of this country but the situation now, especially when he is 93-years-old, needs someone a bit younger and more energetic to run around. If we cannot have an able leader from Zanu PF to replace Mugabe, saka ndopatinozotika Tsvangirai huya. At least he is able because we all saw what happened during the Government of National Unity (GNU) between 2009 and 2013.
It’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu because these days because of the cold weather, it’s difficult to come across a rotten banana. Mabanana haachaore zvekumhanya so maputi better. But Mapombi heard Mphoko said Saviour haana kwaanoenda. Kkkkkkk continue singing for your supper Cde Mphoko! For sure Tyson is going nowhere. Mboko imboko! mapombi

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