Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Million questions from million-men march

Tell me something, I mean ndiudzeiwo hama dzangu. Remember some of these things are only understood by those who went to school, I mean vaya vema Standard Six and Form Fours, not isu vana Mapombi. Tell me the reason why people would march against themselves … aah isu we just ask questions because we are not really informed about these things tinozongonzwa yava mhere-mhere people running up and down nekwedu kwaDr Grace Trade Centre kwatinogara uko.  Thousands of people with all their knowledge or lack of it organising that kind of a march in honour of their veteran leader – hanzi he is the best in Africa when I am told Zimbabwe is the worst in terms of economic state. How can you celebrate someone who saw his currency losing value until it became useless, kutorashiwa zvekuti ndikaona Zim dollar kuno kwandinogara ndorikanda muna Mucheke. Ko ndoridii? It’s almost ten years Zim dollar rakandwa mubin and the ministers today are busy kuita majana to tell us kuti Zim dollar is not coming any time soon.  Kkkk hiii varume hamunyari here! 
And someone is busy kuti national pledge muclassroom, kkk this pledge thing is very good but must be done by Mugabe and his ministers! The ministers who have misled the President for 36 years are the ones who are not patriotic not our young children who have never seen Zim dollar. A country which is busy attacking the West and yet the ministers are busy grabbing anything that comes from the West – haa ko Singapore dziripiko West or East? I am not sure but I don’t care about directions but what irks me is that vakangwara havana nhamo, you gather to celebrate when mzaya achizvarirwa in the East kkkk. I was wondering last night apa ndanga ndarohwa nechando munongohwa imi, but I could not imagine Obama’s daughter going to another country to give birth – these are just questions one can’t help but keep asking oneself. When our children are busy ‘pledging’, theirs are busy doing other things with some whites abroad…just my winter thoughts.
Haiwawo iniwo ndinazvo, after all my children will never go to school because I can’t afford to pay fees. Ini ndichitoshaya zvangu yema banana kuzoti fees. I was shocked this week when I decided to do my usual checks mu town, you know, looking for some leftovers from some shops and restaurants mutown. I was really shocked to see that a million men are marching everywhere. Go to every bank you want and you see people marching in support of our iconic leader kkkk hey mavakoshesa. Are they still celebrating? We have queues everywhere!
Tsvangirai was right after all – soon after 2013 elections, Tsvangirai said Zanu-PF was not going to rig the economy. Look at what is happening! I think very few people have something to celebrate since 2013, we are going back. By the time we reach 2018, Zimbabwe will be worse than her 2008 situation – so basically, someone has literally reversed all the efforts to rebuild this country made during the inclusive government.
Ndini uyauya wekusaziva so be patient I will ask another question- pakazomboiswa mamwe masanctions here after 2013? I think some people must just learn to tell the truth! Vakomana kupedza term yose kuri kutukana nekudzingana mugovernment chete and nothing developmental and then someone calls for a million men march – a march that leaves Mapombi with a million questions!
Murombo munhu hamundivigi ndirimupenyu so you must listen when I ask these million questions! Tell me what you achieved by the million march apart from leaving the schools impoverished. Kwedu kuchitima uko tinomahwa maticha achichema-chema…
Regai ndinyarare mungazoti ndotaurisa… Mukadarika nekwedu kwaChirimudombo movaudza kuti Mapombi mupenyu but wanzwa nechando, gore rino kwatonhora vakomana ….lonyaka kuyaqanda bakithi, icho chando chazotaurisa Mapombi ne Ndebele vamwe zvavo varimo mudzimba umo. When is another million march? Kkkk.mapombi

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