Monday, September 20, 2021

Mnangagwa needs help— Matuke


President Mnangagwa

Felix Matasva
MUTARE— The  Zanu PF national secretary for security and
deputy labour minister Lovemore Matuke has taken a defensive position
protecting his boss President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying he is not to blame for
the current economic crisis but threw the blame on Zimbabweans whom he said are
lazy and wait on the President to do everything for them.
said President Mnangagwa also needs help and support from Zimbabweans rather
than for people to just wait to be hand fed when they should take the
initiative to move the country forward.
made the remarks during an interface meeting with tertiary education graduates
and students at Mutare Polytechnic College last week.
country cannot move forward with the efforts of one person. We all need to play
our part. If you say you are waiting for President Mnangagwa to deliver alone
then you need to wake up and smell the coffee.
Mnangagwa is only there to give us direction but he needs our help and support.
We do not want people who just cry and yet they are doing nothing to better
their situation,” said Matuke.
said that the power to economic prosperity of Zimbabwe lies within the hands of
of putting the blame on government, we should blame ourselves for not taking
part in the development of our economy because President Mnangagwa cannot
develop this economy alone.
is no one who was specifically meant to open up a business that creates employment.
All of us have potential to establish our own businesses so that our economy
improves,” said Matuke.
meeting sought to create a database of graduates in Manicaland as Zanu PF is
working on a programme to address the issue of unemployment in the country.
idea is that we want to classify graduates with regard to their area of specialties
and government will chip in with funding for them to start up their own
 “The government is going to create a special
fund through budget. Through joint ventures or as individuals, you can start
your own businesses that can contribute to the development of our economy,”
said Matuke.
said said that there are some youths with initiatives to do projects but they
lack capacity.
want to create capacity by disbursing adequate funds to ensure that graduates
start up their own projects. Each province is going to have a budget that will
cater for youths.
had problems in the past where funds meant for the youths did not work. We want
to make sure that if funds are disbursed, they reach the intended people not relatives
of administrators,” said Matuke.
PF secretary for finance Patrick Chinamasa said they are going to negotiate for
policies which gives tax incentives to corporates to facilitate the ease of
doing business.
want corporates to be given tax incentives and subsidies from government so
that they are encouraged to employ graduates from tertiary institutions.
also urge the government to put up a law which provides that any tender must
require the tenderer to employ a certain number of graduates so as to increase
their skills levels,” said Chinamasa.
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