Monday, September 20, 2021

Musiso students denied permission to register for exams

Brighton Chiseva
Four ‘A’ level students from St Anthony High School in Zaka have been denied permission to register for their November examinations at the school after being accused of various misconducts including going out of bounds and smoking dagga.
Students who spoke to this publication said the school told Emmanuel Mhere, Learnmore Makwagudze, Takudzwa Madziva and Trevor Mateko that they could not register.
“The reasons for denying them the right to register for exams with the school had to do with alleged acts of gross indiscipline but we feel they are being too harsh and unfair to those students,” said one student.
The students are believed to be in limbo as they now risk failing to sit for the examinations, a development which may see them having to repeat their upper six classes.
When asked for comment, St Antony Headmistress Emmaculate Tinago denied ever barring the students from registering, saying the claims are meant to tarnish the school’s good reputation.
“What you hear are only lies that are meant to tarnish the school’s good image,” she said
She said there were genuine cases of misconduct against the four and they were asked to bring their parents to map the way forward but only Mateko complied and was allowed to register.
“They misbehaved and we asked them to bring their parents but they did not and decided to register somewhere else. The matter is even known at the DEO’s office and he also asked them to bring their parents,” said Tinago. 
However, Zaka District Education Officer (DEO) James Mahofa said he was not personally aware of the issue. 
“I am not aware of that issue. It was probably handled by inspectors. We do not deal with students’ misconduct but with misconducts involving teachers,” said Mahofa.
He also said it was not proper for schools to deny pupils permission to register, adding that schools should not impose excessive penalties against students in case of behavioral

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  1. how can the school just decide not for the students to write their examinations i believe the staff has more to it than the issue they are raising


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