Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Of the Bulawayo bombing

My apologies ladies and gentlemen; I missed the deadline last week. The paper went to bed when I was still busy submitting my papers at the Nomination Court and when I submitted my article it was too late. I received several calls from my avid readers expressing their disgruntlement over the missing column; I am truly sorry.
 I had successfully filed my papers at the Nomination Court, however, I had to withdraw my candidature after some fellow comrades with sound minds as mine approached me and encouraged me to withdraw so that we can rally behind one of the candidates.
As you all know Mapombi Adonha has people at heart therefore, I opted to sacrifice my personal interests by withdrawing my candidature so that we can fight our biggest enemy from one corner.
By the way, I heard there was an explosion at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo over the weekend where quite a number of Zanu PF members were injured, while two others later died at hospital from the injuries sustained during the explosion.
May their souls rest in peace. Mapombi condemns with all possible strongest terms the violence that occurred at White City Stadium – hatidi mharapatsetsetse dzakadaro.
But munongoti zvenyu Mapombi anotaurisa but sometime we have to be honest with each other – before the junta joined politics hatina kumboona mashura akadaro isu. I’m not suggesting anything here but ndiri kungoti dai makarega junta riri kumaBarrack vanoita politics vachiita havo manje izvi zvokuita mix junta and politics honai manje zvimbambaira zvava kungodhuuka pese pese.
I know many people are already pointing fingers to our dear uncle Bob but Mapombi totally disagree; it’s an inside job iri haambosiri Mugabe uyu. I think the Saturday explosion was actually an indication that there are a lot of disgruntled members in Zanu PF and they are working tirelessly to wipe away the so called new dispensation.
But those who care to remember Mapombi once urged our President ED that he will not rule for long if he wants to solely rely on intelligence reports from the military intelligence only. It’s high time ED seriously considers the CIO and police because these security breaches show that junta riri kurara pabasa.
Not so long ago in Gweru we saw Mavhusa achienda pastage kuda kutotorwa selfie with the President while the security watched.  ED had to shove away Mavhusa before the security intervened. With this kind of security naMwari kudai ndinokupikirai mukaita zvekutamba kuelection hatisvike tinenge taenda kuheroes  Acre chete. Namai kudai.
But people here at Chitima Market are raising a lot of questions and most of them would need our VP Chiwenga to answer. It’s unfortunate that Mapombi does not have a smart phone and as a result did not manage to watch the video of the explosion doing the rounds on social media so that I could give my personal opinion, but vanhu vari kungoti Chiwenga akanyumwa zvechokwadi because his movement before the explosion yanga yakapenga  kkkkkkkkkkk zvamuri mugofamba muchitaura zvandisina kutaura.
I know people are good at spin-doctoring my statements – I said hanzi VP vakanyumwa chete and nothing more. Those who want to suggest otherwise please, please musapinza zita rangu mukati because I explained myself clearly.  After all I said ndozviri kutaura vanhu.
And of course the voice of the people is the voice of God. But I am always a gentleman handivanzi ini. I have seen so many elections but this time around ndinoona sekuti Zanu PF is clueless – this is not the Zanu PF we know isu zvedu vamwe. ED wakanyanya kutonhora uyu; Mapombi is very sure that our President as someone who has vast experience mukudyiwa election after successive defeats by Blessing Chebundo kuKwekwe uko before an animal-infested constituency, Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe was created for him, knows exactly what awaits him come July 30.
This is not because people love Chamisa but simply because people want change. I mean genuine change not zvatakaona last year in November. People want a genuine new era and new dispensation not vanongoimba Zimbabwe is open for business without really producing any tangible results.
Mind you even uncle Bob was good at sweet-talking the electorate; in fact he was more articulate and charming than vana ED vanoita senge vaparidzi vekuZion yetambo ava. ZimAsset had all the best policies but implementation dololo.
Kkkkkkkk but vana ED vanogumirwawo futi, kusvika pakungonyora a policy document risina kana zita zvaro kkkkkkk kukundwa even with Muzvare Thokozani who came up with BEST policy document even though her policies might not the best.
MDC Alliance also came up with their SMART document as well as Dr Nkosana Moyo but reZanu PF handimbozivi kuti rinonzi kudii kana paine vanoziva ndibatsireiwo shuwa.
I managed to get a copy of its manifesto and I saw some pictures of spaghetti roads which they labeled modern roads  ndikabva ndaseka zvangu kusvika ndonzwa mbabvu because these are the kind of roads Chamisa often refers to as spaghetti roads – it is just a matter of semantics my comrades in Zanu PF, so why criticizing the young man?
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, let me hint that we might experience serious intimidation during the run-up to the July 30 elections. That feeling is growing in me especially after the Bulawayo grenade bombing.
By the way, is Mphoko in Bulawayo? I just pray that people will not point fingers on him as the one behind the bombing – I know the guy very well and we have worked together so closely kuG40 uku and I can assure you that he is not the kind of politician to do such a heinous act. Not Mphoko. Of course you can suspect Uncle Bob because he is shrewd but Mphoko I say no, a big no. Mboko imboko!

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