Monday, September 20, 2021

Of the Mugabe dynasty and endless trips

Nyika ino mavondonga vakomana! Mapombi never ever thought Zimbabwe will be this useless one day. Even about all the horrible and evil dreams I had, most of which have come to pass, I never dreamt a Zimbabwe so useless like this.
But Mapombi has since discovered kuti vanhu ganda kumeso havana wena. Chinonzi kunyara havachizive zvachose! They are no different from ticks; they remain stuck and even try to suck blood from the carcass. Hamunyare makaita seiko?
Zimbabwe cannot afford to have a President who loves other countries more than his own to an extent that he flies out of the country more often than not. Kunakidzwa nekunaka kwakaita dzimwe nyika here kana kuti it’s that excitement of wanting to travel which in many children and the elderly? Today the President is in Singapore, tomorrow in Ghana and the day after tomorrow he is in Mexico gobbling millions of dollars. Not Bond Notes but United States dollars.
Honestly, Mapombi has never thought that the First Family will go that far and try to create a Mugabe dynasty but ooops, vari kutorovera bhora mberi chaiko. But those who care to remember Mapombi once told you that Zanu PF is on the verge of creating a Mugabe dynasty vazhinji vakanditi ndiri murwere wepfungwa manje chionai zvava kuitika. Makangotarisa for that matter.
Last year it was Simba appointed whatever at Air Zimbabwe – whether he qualified for the job or not is another matter altogether but what I know is there are quite a number of people who can perform far much better than him. The airline is totally grounded and there is nothing worthy writing or telling about Simba since he joined Air Zimbabwe except that Mugabe is no longer using the airbuses to fly to Malaysia or Singapore – vava kutoita zvekuita hire private jet. That sums up how they have destroyed Air Zimbabwe – I mean the whole management including Simba murume waBona.
As if that is not enough, Bona is now being appointed to government boards. Kkkkkkkkk with no experience whatsoever Bona pfee-e muCensorship Board. Mungamudii iye aine surname yekuti Mugabe? Ende hapana zvamunombomuita.
Patrick Zhuwao, Mugabe’s nephew, akati it’s not enough mainini huyai tidye zvemarema kuEmpower Bank where she will be a board member again. For those who have eyes you can agree with me kuti zvinhu zvava kutoipa izvi. Bona ari kutopinda bit by bit ka uyu.
Are you forgetting that this is the same way Grace snatched the Women’s League top position?  Kungotukirira Joice Mujuru then Grace was rewarded by being appointed Women’s League boss. Kkkkkk inga kutuka vamwe zvakunobhadhara.
Mapombi would like to tell you that Bona atopinda – not very long form now, she will join active politics. I am sure she will contest in one of the constituencies or will be appointed non-constituency MP by her father President Mugabe. With the serious bootlicking in Zanu PF, this is very much possible.
It’s funny and embarrassing at the same time how Zhuwao tried to defend his inexperienced amainini and justified her inclusion in the Empower Bank board. Hanzi she has a degree and Master degree in business and vast experience kkkkkkk bamboo vangu iwe nxi nxi nxi.
Anyway, Zimbos will never say a thing even if you appoint the whole family into various boards. In fact we look forward to hearing that Robert Junior and Chatunga have been appointed board members into this and that board. We are very much waiting for that and we know the appointments are not very far.
Zimbabweans will not even say a thing even if the President appoints his wife to become one of his vice presidents ahead of a deserving Mnangagwa. Mapombi knows it’s a curse to be a Karanga in Zimbabwe thus Mnangagwa is being blocked from taking over from Mugabe. No wonder why people like Kasukuwere, the Zezurus, are not being fired from the party but ingoita mukaranga ungonzi you want to topple the president kkkkkkk chokwadi zuva hariviri unenge wadzingwa kare.
They tried but in vain kudzinga Chadzamira so they can put their ‘puppets’ but zvakakona n’anga murapwa achida.    MaKaranga akazosvinurawo and they are saying hatichatya hatichada!
Anyway, help me guys to welcome Bona to the world of politics. Ko chimupaika fake PhD abve aitawo doctor zviite chiremera kkkkkkk. There is no way she would fail when her mom completed her PhD in just three months pachikomo cheruzivo, UZ. I can’t wait to hear Zanu PF bigwigs and bootlickers dressing her as the most learned young woman Dr Bona Mugabe kkkkkk. But Zanu so! Mahwani.
Also help me again to congratulate the soon to be appointed board members Robert and Chatunga. Welcome to the game of politics vakomana zvemadread motombogera because kuno kwakaipa.
It’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi otherwise I will be accused of yep yepping. But Mphoko so kkkkkk Mapombi heard dzakapindira pakamba yemapurisa. Hahaha hakuna leadership yakadai. When one is acting President ko kudzikamawo zvinodii? Kkkkkkk papolice camp ipapo pfee-ee ungamudii Mphoko kkkkk pamamonya ipapo.
This guy should have joined the likes of Carl Josh, Doc Vikela nanaChigubhu uko ku comedy because he is indeed a comedian. He never seizes to amaze Mapombi. Dzikama mudhara iwe aah munhu wepi. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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