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Our councillors have potential to do better : Residents

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Residents from all wards in Masvingo city have described their councillors as hardworking and responsible. Although some said there were areas which need urgent attention, it was unanimously agreed that the current crop of councillors have great potential in as far as local governance is concerned. When these councillors were elected in 2013, residents thought they were going to be the worst in the history of the city, however, they have proved otherwise.
Our team went out to get the views of the people concerning the performance of each councillor in 2014 and residents placed the 10 councillors in four groups.
Group one comprises of Godfrey Kurauone of ward 4, Lovemore Mufamba of ward 10 and Masvingo mayor Hubert Fidze of ward 6. The three were rated the most hardworking this year. The mayor has been described as the most improved politician in the council. When he was elected, he had no idea in terms of public relations and at times issuing statements that would turn against him. Initially people thought that there was a great blunder in voting Fidze to be the mayor. However, 2014 has groomed him to become a mature and fine politician who would be there for the people. In fact, our reporters were informed that Fidze is likely to be the best mayor in the history of Masvingo. Fidze is being praised for being there with the people. ” He is always communicating, he is good in giving feedback, he demystified the position of the mayor because we are always with him,” said another interviewee. Although he is the youngest in council, Kurauone’s performance this year was impressing – his contribution in the debates as well as influence on the final decision by the council cannot be downplayed. Kurauone therefore remained popular in his ward as he constantly engages the youths for feedback – his public relations strategy is not bad. 
Godfrey Kurauone is in Group 1

Councillor Mufamba has remained in touch with his ward. He is always there to assist the people in ward 10. With several projects in his ward and immense contribution in council chambers, Mufamba has remained a true representative of the people. 
              Lovemore Mufamba is in Group 1

Some people were saying Mufamba has a potential to deliver even if given a higher office. They were pegged at 76 %.

Mayor Hubert Fidze is in Group 1
Group two comprises of Councillor Gashia Mundondo of ward 1, Cllr Daniel Mberikwazvo of ward 5, Cllr Richard Musekiwa of ward 7 and Cllr Tasicio Mandava of ward 2. The four councillors have remained fairly visible in their wards. They are approachable and have potential to be in group one but sometimes they are not active in debates in council chambers. The four councillors are still popular in their wards but they also need to come up with initiatives that will see them having more interaction with the people. They were pegged at 65 %.
Group three comprises of Cllr Against Chiteme of ward 8 and Cllr Babylon Beta of ward 9. The two need to improve in making their voices heard in chambers. Residents said the two councillors are people shy since they are hesitant in meeting them for feedback. They are rarely heard in the press. However, they have been described as the only two who are unlikely to be involved in any scandal throughout their term. ” These two act like twins, they are very calm and innocent …however we want them to come to us with feedback,” said another resident. They were pegged at 51%.
Group four comprises of one man of his own class, Cllr  David Chiwara of ward 3. Ironically, Chiwara is the deputy mayor. A survey by Tell Zimbabwe revealed that 9 out 10 people in Masvingo think that the city does not have a deputy mayor. Chiwara remains the least known deputy mayor in the history of the city. His performance is pegged at 30 %. Residents said Chiwara’s new year resolution number one should be that of becoming a true representative of the people. Some said the council should reconsider giving Chiwara a vote of no confidence.

David Chiwara was rated the worst in 2014
“We don’t want placeholders, they must just give him a vote of no confidence and elect another deputy mayor for the city,” said another resident.
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